Sounds of Canada

is a unique project, where individuals and bands representing almost all ethnic and national groups in Canada will be, for the first time, given an opportunity to perform their favourite music. 

We are proud to announce the launch of the third season of


EPISODES - Season 3

EPISODES - Season 2

The Canadian Ethnic Media Association honoured the "Sounds of Canada" series with the


EPISODES - Season 1

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  • ECG Productions’ YouTube Channel

    Watch Sounds of Canada on YouTube now! Subscribe and don’t miss a single episode anymore! The link to ECG Productions’ channel on YouTube is below: ECG Productions’ YouTube Channel

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  • Town of Aurora Concert Series

    The American Rogues will be on stage on Thursday, October 7th, in Aurora, ON. This is their second time performing at the Colours of Fall Concert. Due to the limited capacity, residents must…

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  • Olympic Hymn

    Did you know that the Olympic Hymn, also known as the Olympic Anthem, was performed for the first time in 1896 at the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece? The choral cantata of the…

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    Great news for all the fans of the American Rogues! The band will be performing at the FESTIVAL des TRADITIONS du MONDE on Sunday, August 15th. This is their 9th year in a…

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  • Banjo

    A banjo is a stringed instrument with a thin membrane, made of plastic or animal skin, stretched over a frame to form a resonator. It was originally used in African-American traditional music and…

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  • Interesting Facts

    Flutes made of bones that date back 7,000 to 9,000 years were found in the Jiahu site of Central Henan province of China. A new category of musical instruments, electrophones or electronic instruments,…

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  • Tin Whistle

    A Tin Whistle is a Celtic woodwind instrument with six holes. It’s one of the simplest of musical instruments, in physical terms. The first mass-production of tin whistles was set up in the…

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  • The American Rogues’ new album

    Great news for all American Rogues’ fans! The band is currently working on a music video in support of their new album “The Hammer”. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Christmas Quiz

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  • Quiz «Classical Music”

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  • Musica Al Dente

    Musica Al Dente, a classical music festival, will present a concert dedicated to the memory of the composer Giya Kancheli on October 2nd, 2020. The event will take place in Moscow, Russia. The…

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  • Volynka

    Volynka is an ancient Ukrainian bagpipe. This music instrument was named after the region Volyn in Ukraine. Volynka consists of a goat skin air reservoir and metal or wooden pipes. There are two…

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  • Gudok

    Gudok, also known as gudochek, is an ancient Slavic 3-string music instrument. It’s a bowl-like lyre, played with a bow. Unfortunately, there is no authentic Russian gudok nowadays. All present instruments are replicas,…

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  • Evening with Celtic artists

    The American Rogues are back on the stage! The famous Celtic band will be performing this coming Saturday at Stone Crop Acres Winery and Vineyard in Morrisburg, ON. The tickets for the “Evening…

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  • Amália Rodrigues

    Amália Rodrigues, also known as Rainha do Fado (“Queen of Fado"), was a popular Portuguese fado singer. She was born on the 1st of July, 1920 in Lisbon, Portugal. During her career, she…

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  • Top 5 classic Portuguese songs

    Uma Casa Portuguesa by Amalia. The song conveys an atmosphere of modesty, warmth, and love felt within a Portuguese home. Ai Se Ele Cai by Xutos e Pontapés. The band is so popular…

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  • Sounds of Quebec

    It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sounds of Quebec has won at this month’s Music Video Underground Festival in the Best Documentary category. Congratulations to the Sounds of Canada team!…

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  • Cegléd Jug

    Cegléd water jug is a 7-9 litre metal container for water, used as a musical instrument in Romani folk music of Hungary. This jug was first manufactured by a János Rónay in Cegléd…

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  • Game of Thrones theme – American Rogues Quarantine Edition

    Have you already checked out the Game of Thrones theme song by the American Rogues? The famous band presented a video back in May. These talented musicians performed a popular theme song, composed…

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  • International Music Festival in Ukraine

    Happy concert anniversary to Julian Milkis and Polina Osetinskaya, who performed at the International music festival in Odesa, Ukraine a year ago! The concert which featured Giya Kanceli’s famous works was a great…

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  • Opera Collaboration

    Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nightingale Music Festival, and gorgeous Mira Solovianenko keep surprising their audience. This time they presented the product of an international artistic collaboration. Please click below to enjoy…

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  • Trembita

    Trembita, also known as alpine horn, is a wind folk music instrument, found mainly in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine. Its sound is strong and can be heard over 10 kilometers, so it often…

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  • Kobza

    Kobza is an ancient Ukrainian string instrument, which belongs to the lute family. Ukrainian musicians played on kobzas since the 11th century, although this music instrument became popular only in the 16th century,…

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  • Bodhran

    Bodhran is a drum, originated in south-west Ireland in the 18th century. It was popular among mummers, or wren boys, as it was made from farm implements. Due to its popularity in 1960s,…

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  • Dung Kar

    A dung kar (dung-kar) is a Tibetan conch shell trumpet, which makes a warmer, deeper tone comparing to a gyaling. The dung kar is usually played during peaceful religious practices. It is also…

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  • Tartan Day

    Nelson Stewart, a leader of a famous Canadian-Celtic band American Rogues, shared a video of the band performing with a Scottish actor Kevin McKidd (Rome, Grey’s Anatomy, Dog Soldiers, etc.) at National Tartan…

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  • Gyaling

    The gyaling is a Tibetan reed musical instrument. The name of this instrument means “Indian trumpet” and it is very similar to an oboe. The gyaling is a ritual musical instrument, which is…

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  • Shooting Korean Sounds of Canada

    In early March, our crew shot the last two scenes for the Korean Sounds of Canada project. The first day, we went to the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada, where artists played…

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  • Schlachtfest 2020

    Do not miss a fabulous meal and dance the night away to the energetic music of the Golden Keys. Schlachtfest will be held on the 28th of March at the Schweben Club in…

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  • Nagata Shachu & Esprit Orchestra

    Nagata Shachu together with the Esprit Orchestra will be performing Maki Ishii’s seminal work for taiko and orchestra, Mono-Prism, 1976. Do not forget to get your tickets to this incredible concert! It will…

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  • Caribana Boat Party

    Cannot wait for the summer? We have great news! Famous Caribana boat party will be on Friday, July 31st. Get your tickets to Toronto’s biggest Caribana boat party now and join thousands of…

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  • Annual Hunters Jagerball

    The Golden Keys invite you to join them at the Annual Hunters Jogerball, which will be held this Saturday, March 7th. The event will take place at the German Canadian Club Hansa in…

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  • Grundungsfest

    The Golden Keys, a famous German-Canadian band, invite you to join them at the Grundungsfest, the Schwaben Club’s 89th Anniversary. The event will be held in Kitchener this weekend, on February 29th and…

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  • Partida’s new album

    Seven years in the making and Partida’s new album is finally out! To get the album, please click on the link below: Enjoy!

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  • Eventide by Partida

    Great news for all fans of this Canadian-Filipino band! After 7 years, Partida is releasing their new album! “Eventide” will be out in all music streaming platforms soon! For more information, please follow…

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  • Kabosy

    The kabosy is a box-shaped wooden guitar. It has four to six strings, staggered frets, many of which do not even cross the entire fretboard, and is generally tuned to an open chord.…

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  • The American Rogues’ upcoming concert

    The American Rogues performed so well at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls in 2019 that they’ve been invited back to play at this great place. The concert will be held on…

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  • Schlachtfest

    The Golden Keys invite you to join them for a fabulous meal and then dance the night away to their energetic music. Save the date! Schlachtfest will be held on the 28th of…

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  • Live in the Hammer

    Nelson Stewart, the leader of a famous Celtic band the American Rogues, shared a video on Facebook of the band performing at the 5th annual “Steeltown Meltdown at the Corktown”. While performing, the…

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  • Jagertanz

    Was your weekend as good as Golden Keys’? The band had a striking performance at the Continental Austrian Club in Burlington, ON this past Saturday. Guests, who joined a Fantastic evening of fun,…

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  • Partida’s upcoming performance

    Do not forget that Partida, one of the best Filipino-Canadian bands, will be performing at the quarterly celebration of OPM at Lee’s Place, 529 Bloor St W, Toronto. This event will be held…

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  • Parkapzuk

    The parkapzuk (Armenian: Պարկապզուկ) is an Armenian droneless, horn-belled bagpipe. The instrument’s “bag” differs in size, depending on a player’s preference, and is made of gutted and hardened sheep or lamb skin. The…

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  • Rölmo

    Rölmo (rol-mo), also known as buk chöl (sbug-chol) or bup chal (sbub-chal), is a Tibetan hemispherical brass cymbals that provide rhythm and structure to the group chants. They look like large knobs with…

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  • Tibetan music

    Tibet has its own sacred and religious music in which such music instruments as bamboo flutes, conch shells, cymbals, hand drums, bells, oboe-like flageolets, etc. are used. Tibetans believe that their musical instruments…

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  • Duduk

    The duduk (Armenian: դուդուկ]) is an ancient Armenian double reed woodwind instrument, which existed since the fifth century. The instrument is played by two musicians. The first player plays the melody, while the…

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  • Gayageum

    The gayageum (also known as kayagum) is the best known traditional Korean string instrument. It usually has 12 strings and sounds like traditional Eurasian stringed instruments and the Appalachian banjo. The instrument is…

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  • Epigonion

    An epigonion (ἐπιγόνιον) was an ancient stringed instrument. It had forty strings and was similar to a harp or a psaltery. An epigonion was named after Epigonus of Ambracia, an inventor of the…

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  • Ring in 2020 with Golden Keys

    Hansa Haus, a Mississauga-based German Canadian Club, invites everyone to join them for their annual New Year’s Gala. Listening to a live performance and dancing to the Golden Keys, while enjoying delicious food,…

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  • The American Rogues at the Corktown

    The American Rogues will be performing at the 5th Steeltown Meltdown at the Corktown at 3:00PM on January 25th, 2020. The concert will be held at the Corktown pub, 175 Young St, Hamilton,…

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  • Christmas Magic

    Nightingale Music Festival presents a concert, art & fashion show Christmas Magic on Saturday, December 21st, at 7:00 PM. The event will be held at Trinity-St.Paul’s United Church and Centre for Faith, Justice…

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  • Golden Keys at Christkindl Market

    German-Canadian band Golden Keys performed last week at Christkindl Market in Kitchener. Their full-of-joy performance was a total success gathering a big audience. Kitchener City Hall has been home to Christkindl Market for…

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  • Taiko Returns

    We are happy to let you know that once again Nagata Shachu together with the Esprit Orchestra will be performing Maki Ishii’s seminal work for taiko and orchestra, Mono-Prism, 1976. The concert will…

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  • OPM Primetime

    We are thrilled to share some great news with you! Partida, one of the best Canadian-Filipino bands, will be performing at the quarterly celebration of OPM at Lee’s Place, 529 Bloor St W,…

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  • Maayan Band’s live concert at the ECG Studio

    On November 24th, members of the Maayan Band arrived at ECG studio to record seven songs. The film crew and musicians met in the studio early in the morning to have enough time…

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  • Filming an interview with Maayan Band for Sounds of Canada III

    On Sunday, November 17, our filming crew went to the town of Caledon to shoot rehearsals and interviews with members of the Maayan Band, which represents the Jewish musical tradition in the third…

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