Famous Ethnic Canadians

Famous Ethnic Canadians

Arab-Canadians have come from all of the countries of the Arab world since 1882. According to the 2016 census, there were
419,890 Canadians who claimed Arab ancestry. There were 661,750 Canadians who claimed full or partial ancestry from an Arabic
speaking country. The large majority of Canadians of Arabic origin live in either Ontario or Quebec

Kevin O'Leary - entrepreneur and reality television personality
Omar Alghabra - former Liberal MP (2006–2008)
Pierre de Bané - former Liberal MP (1968–1984)
Michael Basha - former member of the Senate of Canada
Tarik Brahmi - current NDP member of House of Commons for Saint-Jean
Fonse Faour - former NDP MP and leader of Newfoundland NDP
Eddie Francis - Mayor of Windsor, Ontario
Joe Ghiz - former Premier of Prince Edward Island
Robert Ghiz - Premier of Prince Edward Island
Sadia Groguhé - current NDP member of House of Commons for Saint-Lambert
Mac Harb - Senator, former Liberal MP (1988–2004)
Sana Hassainia - current NDP member of House of Commons
Lorraine Michael - former Nun, leader of New Democratic Party
Maria Mourani - current Bloc Québécois MP
Khalil Ramal - Ontario MPP
Djaouida Sellah - current NDP member of House of Commons
Maher Arar - human rights activist
Monia Mazigh - human rights activist and New Democratic Party candidate
Samah Sabawi - Palestinian rights activist and playwright
Anisa Mehdi - Emmy Award-winning flm director, journalist
Donald Shebib - documentary flmmaker
Paul Anka - singer
Belly - rap/hip hop artist
Andy Kim - pop singer/songwriter
K.Maro - rapper
Kristina Maria - rapper
Massari - pop and hip-hop singer
Nasri - reggae and pop singer
The Narcicyst - rapper
Vaï - rapper, hip hop singer
Karl Wolf - singer
Zaho - singer
Ramzi Abid - professional hockey player
David Azzi - professional player in Canadian Football League
Joey Haddad - professional hockey player
John Hanna - professional hockey player
Ed Hatoum - professional hockey player
Fabian Joseph - former professional hockey player
Nazem Kadri - professional hockey player
John Makdessi - professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fghter
Alain Nasreddine - professional hockey player
Jean Sayegh - water polo player
Rami Sebei - professional wrestler
Reema Abdo - former backstroke swimmer
René Angélil - manager and husband of Céline Dion
Nahlah Ayed - journalist
Omar Khadr - detainee formerly held in Guantanamo Bay detention camp
Habeeb Salloum - author, cookbook author, writer, travel writer
Mamdouh Shoukri - current president of York University

9,908,910 (Census 2016)
The frst arrival of Celts in what would later become Canada was documented in the Saga of Eric the Red, which depicted the
Viking expedition of 1010 AD to Vinland, believed to be the island of Newfoundland

Alexander Graham Bell - eminent scientist
George Brown - founder of the Toronto Globe, Father of Confederation
James Cameron - flm director
Kim Campbell - frst female Prime Minister of Canada
Neve Campbell - actress
Jim Carrey - actor and comedian
Tommy Douglas - Premier of Saskatchewan
Sandford Fleming - railway engineer and proponent of standard time zone
William Lyon Mackenzie King - longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada
Sir John A. Macdonald - frst Prime Minister of Canada
Alice Munro - Nobel laureate author
Jill Hennessy - actress
Brian Mulroney - 18th Prime Minister of Canada
Eugene O’Keefe - businessman and philanthropist
Leslie Nielsen - actor
Rachel McAdams - actress
Michael Coren - British-Canadian columnist, author, public speaker
Robertson Davies - novelist
Marshall McLuhan - communication and media theorist
Anne Murray - singer, entertainer
James Naismith - inventor of basketball
Beverley McLachlin - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Simon Fraser - Northwest Company trader and explorer
Alexander MacKenzie - Northwest Company trader and explorer

Cuban immigration to Canada started in the 1980s. According to the 2016 census, there were
29,065 Canadians who claimed full or partial Cuban ancestry. Canada is home to the third
largest Cuban immigrant community in the world after the United States and Spain

Alexis Puentes - musician
José Latour - novelist
Ted Cruz - U.S. Senator from Texas since 2013
Rafael Bienvenido Cruz - public speaker
Kianz Froese - professional soccer player
Arturo Miranda - professional diver
Eduardo Sebrango - former professional soccer player
Daniel Pinero - baseball shortstop
David Alvarez - actor
George A. Romero - filmmaker, writer, and editor

Filipino Canadians
837,130 (Census 2016)
Canadians of Filipino descent or people born in the Philippines who reside in Canada. Filipino Canadians are the third largest
subgroup of the overseas filipinos and one of the fastest growing groups in Canada

Joey Albert - recording artist
Mikey Bustos - Canadian Idol finalist, singer
Ma-Anne Dionisio - theatre actress
Darren Espanto - The Voice Kids - Philippines season one
Amm Gryner - multiple Juno Awards nominee
Jeff Rustia - Tv host and VJ
Maylee Todd - indie pop singer
Lucky Aces - Hip hop duo
Tobias C.Enverga - first flipino-canadian senator
Kris Reyes - news anchor
Ron Josol - stand-up comedian from Toronto
Ariel Rivera - singer-songwriter
Crispin Duenas - olympic archer
Rey Fortaleza - olympic boxer
Alex Pagulayan - 2004 world pool champion
Mathew Dumba - hockey player
Francis Manapul - comic book artist

348,085 (Census 2016 )
The frst Hungarians arrived in Alberta in 1866 with Count Paul Oskar Eszterhazy, who wanted Hungarians to resettle after they
had immigrated originally to Pensylvania

Kati Agócs - composer
Attila Buday - Olympic canoer
Tamas Buday Jr. - Olympic canoer
Julius T. Csotonyi - paleoartist and illustrator
George Jonas - writer, poet, and journalist
Robert Lantos - flm producer
Attila Richards Lukacs - artist
Attila Mikloshazy - former Jesuit bishop
Alanis Morissette - singer, actress, and musician
Austin Pasztor - American football player
George Sipos - writer
Shannon Szabados - ice hockey player
Aaron Voros - ice hockey player

Indian Canadians are one of the most diverse ethnocultural populations in Canada. Census fgures on ethnic origin reported that
there were more than 1.9 million South Asian Canadians in 2016. South Asians share cultural and historical characteristics, and
their basic identifcation is more specifcally tied to their ethnocultural roots. Over 20 distinct ethnic groups can be identifed
within the large South Asian population.

Akshay Kumar - Bollywood actor
Bharat Agnihotri - Alberta Liberal MLA
Nira Arora - morning show radio host
Jeet Aulakh - spiritual contemporary artist
Anita Rau Badami - novelist
Ashish Bagai - captain of the Canadian cricket team
Ravi Baichwal - news anchor and reporter at WLS-TV
Harry Bains - British Columbia New Democratic MLA
Navdeep Bains - Liberal Member of Parliament
Shauna Singh Baldwin - novelist
Bas Balkissoon - MPP
Sheela Basrur - former Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health
Nuvraj Singh Bassi - professional football player
Nadira Begg - television journalist
Stan Bharti - businessman and philanthropist
Sim Bhullar - NBA basketball player
Neil Bissoondath - author
Glenda Braganza - actress
Jagrup Brar - British Columbia NDP MLA
Baljit Singh Chadha - businessman
Gulzar Singh Cheema - Manitoba and British Columbia MLA
Jasbir Singh Cheema - politician
Paul Chohan - feld hockey player
Raj Chouhan - British Columbia NDP MLA
Cindy Daniel - singer
Joe Daniel - Conservative MP
Agam Darshi - actress and flmmaker
Monika Deol - former MuchMusic host and CIVT news anchor
Sudi Devanesen - physician and member of the Order of Canada
Herb Dhaliwal - Liberal MP
Ranj Dhaliwal - Canadian author
Sukh Dhaliwal - Liberal MP
Naranjan Dhalla - cardiovascular research scientist
Ruby Dhalla - Liberal MP
Sunil Dhaniram - cricket player
Bob Singh Dhillon - businessman
Haninder Dhillon - cricket player
R Paul Dhillon - director, producer, writer, and journalist
Vekeana Dhillon - screenwriter, television presenter, actress
Vic Dhillon - Ontario Liberal MPP
Vikram Dhillon - Vancouver producer, director, actor
Ujjal Dosanjh - former Premier of British Columbia
John Dossetor - physician and bioethicist
Merella Fernandez - Canadian reporter and anchor for CityNews in Toronto
Nisha Ganatra - flm director, flm producer, writer, and actor
Shuman Ghosemajumder - businessman and computer scientist
Sara Ghulam - Miss World Canada 2007
Raminder Gill - former Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP
Dylan Mohan Gray - flm director, producer, writer
Gurmant Grewal - former Conservative MP
Nina Grewal - Conservative MP
Syeda Saiyidain Hameed - social and women's rights activist
Ian Hanomansing - CBC journalist
Tara Singh Hayer - newspaper publisher
Kamal Heer - singer
Indrani - photographer, director, TV personality, and model
Chin Injeti - R&B musician
Anosh Irani - novelist and playwright
Mobina Jaffer - senator
Rahim Jaffer - former Alberta Conservative MP
Jazzy B - singer
Aditya Jha - Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist
Bidhu Jha - Manitoba NDP MLA
Avan Jogia - actor
Ravi Kahlon - feld hockey player
Hari Kant - former feld hockey goalkeeper
Vim Kochhar - businessman and senator
Koushik - hip hop musician
Kuldip Singh Kular - former Ontario Liberal MPP
Bindi Kullar - feld hockey player
Faisal Kutty - attorney, writer, and law professor
Harold Sonny Ladoo - novelist and author
Nancy Lee - short story writer and novelist
Anita Majumdar - actress
Shaun Majumder - actor/comedian
Gurbax Singh Malhi - former Liberal MP
Manny Malhotra - hockey player
Samir Mallal - flmmaker
Amrit Mangat - Ontario Liberal MPP
Irshad Manji - author
Harbhajan Mann - singer
Salim Mansur - columnist for the London Free Press
Suleka Mathew - actress
Ashok Mathur - writer and professor
Devika Mathur - singer
Suhana Meharchand - journalist, C BC
Deepa Mehta - flm director
Nicky Mehta - singer
Richie Mehta - director
Shaun Mehta - writer
Rohinton Mistry - novelist
Shani Mootoo - writer
Alok Mukherjee - chair of the Toronto Police Services Board
Audri Mukhopadhyay - Canadian diplomat
M. Ram Murty - head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Roger Nair - flmmaker, executive on Toronto Film Board
Rob Nijjar - former BC Liberal MLA
Lata Pada - Bharatanatyam dancer
Raj Pannu - former leader of the Alberta New Democrats
Nilesh Patel - flm director and producer
Russell Peters - stand-up comedian
Deepak Obhrai - Alberta Conservative MP, Calgary
Wally Oppal - Attorney General of British Columbia
Raghav - R&B singer
Pamela Rai - Canadian Olympic medallist, swimmer
Monita Rajpal - CNN International news anchor
Ajmer Rode - poet and playwright
Renee Rosnes - jazz pianist and composer/arranger
Patty Sahota - former BC Liberal MLA
Deep Saini - Vice President of University of Toronto
Sugar Sammy - comedian
Emanuel Sandhu - fgure skater
Harpreet Singh Sandhu - editor of Asian Vision
Surendra Seeraj - cricket player
Sarika Sehgal - CBC broadcast journalist
Asha Seth - senator
Chandrakant Shah - recipient of Order of Ontario
Devinder Shory - Member of Parliament
Durand Soraine - cricket player
Harinder Takhar - Ontario Liberal MPP
Sam Tata - portrait photographer
Priscilla Uppal - novelist and poet
Tim Uppal - MP, Alberta
M.G. Vassanji - novelist
Ali Velshi - stock analyst and television journalist
Murad Velshi - former Ontario Liberal MPP
Neelam Verma - Miss Universe Canada 2002
Richard Verma - U.S. Ambassador to India since 2015
Ravi Walia - fgure skater
Manmohan Waris - singer

Italian Canadians are Canadian citizens who have full or partial Italian heritage or Italians who immigrated to and reside in
Canada. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, 1,587,965 Canadians claimed full or partial Italian ancestry

Mike Accursi - lacrosse player
Jeremy Adduono - ice hockey player
Ray Adduono - ice hockey player
Rick Bartolucci - Ontario politician
Sean Bentivoglio - ice hockey player
Paul Beraldo - ice hockey player
Lorenzo Berardinetti - Ontario politician
Massimo Bertocchi - Olympic decathlete
Reno Bertoia - baseball player
Todd Bertuzzi - ice hockey player
Maurizio Bevilacqua - politician
Wayne Bianchin - ice hockey player
Dave Bidini - musician and writer
Brandon Bonifacio - soccer player
Béatrice Bonifassi - vocalist
Luciano Borsato - ice hockey player
Peter Bosa - politician
Emilio Bottiglieri - soccer player
Michael Bublé - singer and actor
Wally Buono - coach of BCL
Sveva Caetani - artist
Pietro Calendino - BC politician
Marco Calliari - singer
Herb Capozzi - businessman
Vittorio Capparelli - politician
Massimo Capra - chef
Alessia Cara - singer and songwriter
Giulio Caravatta - Canadian football player
Annamarie Castrilli - former politician
Daniel Catenacci - ice hockey player
Tony Caterina - politician
Cosimo Cavallaro - artist, flmmaker, and sculptor
Paolo Ceccarelli - soccer goalkeeper
Fulvio Cecere - actor
Cody Ceci - ice hockey player
Joe Ceci - politician
Rick Celebrini - soccer player
Rita Celli - journalist
Gene Ceppetelli - soccer player
Rick Chiarelli - Ottawa city councillor
Juan Chioran - voice actor and singer
Mario Chitaroni - ice hockey player
Frank Ciaccia - former soccer player
Jerry Ciccoritti - director
Santo Condorelli - Olympic swimmer
Luca Congi - Canadian football player
Alexander Conti - actor
Joe Contini - ice hockey player
Carlo Corazzin - former soccer player
Joseph Cordiano - Ontario politician
Frank Cosentino - Canadian football player
Paulo Costanzo - actor
Joseph Cramarossa - ice hockey player
Vincent Crisanti - politician
James Cunningham - comedian
Antonio Cupo - actor
Bill Cupolo - ice hockey player
Freddy Curci - vocalist and songwriter
Bobby Curtola - musician
Angela Cutrone - speed skater
William Cusano - Quebec politician
Joe Cuzzetto - soccer player
Antonio D'Alfonso - bilingual writer and editor
Peter Dalla Riva - Canadian football player
John D'Amico - ice hockey player
Scott D'Amore - professional wrestler
Frank D'Angelo - entrepreneur
Sabrina D'Angelo - soccer player
Cindy Daniel - singer
Michael D'Ascenzo - actor
Rita de Santis - politician
Tony De Thomasis - soccer manager
Sandro DeAngelis - Canadian football player
Marcel DeBellis - soccer player
Anne Marie DeCicco-Best - mayor
Johnnie Dee - vocalist
Dean DeFazio - ice hockey player
Dean Del Mastro - former politician
Vincent Della Noce - politician
Eddie Della Siepe - comedian and actor
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco - poet
Frank Ferragine - Toronto television personality
Landon Ferraro - ice hockey player
Marisa Ferretti Barth - politician
Mario Ferri - community organizer
Pat Fiacco - businessman
Fab Filippo - actor
Joe Fiorito - journalist and novelist
Sarah Gadon - actress
Rocco Galati - lawyer
Steve Galluccio - screenwriter
Mary Garofalo - television journalist
David Giammarco - actor
Daniel Girardi - ice hockey player
Gerome Giudice - ice hockey player
Gigi Gorgeous - actress and model
Thomas Grandi - skier
Marco Grazzini - actor
Sabrina Grdevich - actress
Peter Greco - soccer player
Peter Guarasci - basketball player
Garry Guzzo - Ontario politician
Jill Hennessy - actress and musician
Selenia Iacchelli - soccer player
Lucio Ianiero - soccer player
Tony Ianzelo - director and cinematographer
Robert Iarusci - soccer player
Illangelo - musician
Lily Inglis - architect
Ralph Intranuovo - ice hockey player
Carmine Isacco - soccer coach
Ethan Kath - singer and songwriter
Jessica Parker Kennedy - actress
Vince Kerrio - businessman and politician
Victor Kodelja - soccer player
Nicholas La Monaca - soccer goalkeeper
Alyssa Lagonia - soccer player
Thomas W. LaSorda - vice-chairman and president of Chrysler
Lucas Lessio - ice hockey player
Carlo Liconti - flm producer
Spencer Lofranco - actor
Luigi Logrippo - professor
Johnny Lombardi - broadcasting executive
Matthew Lombardi - ice hockey player
Andrea Lombardo - soccer player
Carmen Lombardo - musician
Danny Maciocia - Canadian football coach
Franco Magnifco - businessman and politician
Ray Maluta - ice hockey player
Mark Mancari - ice hockey player
Nick Mancuso - actor
Anthony S. Manera - former CBC president
Sergio Marchionne - CEO of Fiat and Chrysler
Charles Marega - sculptor
Gabriella Martinelli - flm producer
Julian Melchiori - ice hockey player
Mary Melf - novelist, poet, and playwright
Marco Micone - Quebec academic
Ramona Milano - actress
Maria Minna - politician
Eddie Mio - ice hockey goaltender
Giorgio Mitolo - newscaster and reporter
Angie Moretto - ice hockey player
Marc Moro - ice hockey player
Mike Morreale - football player
Carmelina Moscato - soccer player
Domenico Moschella - politician
Marcello Musto - professor
Jason Muzzatti - ice hockey player
Tony Nappo - actor
Tony Nardi - bilingual actor
Silvio Narizzano - flm and television director
Angelo Natale - trade union leader
Vincenzo Natali - flm director and screenwriter
Sergio Navarretta - flm director and producer
Frank Nigro - ice hockey player
Guido Nincheri - artist
Aldo Nova - musician and vocalist
Frances Nunziata - Toronto city councillor
John Nunziata - politician
Peter Oliva - novelist
Andrew Olivieri - soccer player
Giuliano Oliviero - soccer player
America Olivo - actress, singer, and model
David Orazietti - politician
Alexandra Orlando - rhythmic gymnast
Gaetano Orlando - ice hockey player
Marina Orsini - actress
Massimo Pacetti - politician
Pete Palangio - ice hockey player
Al Palladini - politician
Matthew Palleschi - soccer player
Louie Palu - photographer and flmmaker
Joe Pantalone - Toronto city councillor
John Parco - ice hockey coach
Sarina Paris - singer
Paul Bonifacio Parkinson - fgure skater
Dominic Perri - politician
Paul Perri - actor
Sandro Perri - musician
Anthony Perruzza - Ontario politician
Angelo Persichilli - journalist
Joe Peschisolido - politician
Paul Peschisolido - soccer player
Michael Petrasso - soccer player
Nina Petronzio - interior designer
Lauren Phoenix - adult actress
Alessandra Piccione - screenwriter and producer
Alex Pietrangelo - ice hockey player
Frank Pietrangelo - ice hockey player
Paolo Pietropaolo - radio host and musician
Vincenzo Pietropaolo - photographer
Marco Polo - music producer
Claudio Polsinelli - Ontario politician
Tony Rizzo - Ontario politician
Tony Romandini - musician
Rocco Romano - football player
Mike Rosati - ice hockey player
Tony Rosato - actor
Vittorio Rossi - actor and director
Anthony Rota - politician
Carlo Rota - actor
Filomena Rotiroti - politician
Guy Rubino - chef
Steve Rucchin - ice hockey player
Adamo Ruggiero - actor
Laura Sabia - social activist and feminist
Ted Salci - mayor of Niagara Falls
Bobby Sanguinetti - ice hockey player
Greg Sansone - sports anchor

622,445 (Census 2016 )
First Russian immigrants arrived in Canada in 1899.
Seventy fve hundred Doukhobors settled in the country, aided in Russia by the famous writer Leo Tolstoy and in Canada by
Professor James Mavor and Clifford Sifton, then minister of the interior.

OLGA ALEXANDROVNA - Grand Duchess of Russia
SAUL BELLOW - writer, Nobel prize in literature
MARTIN KAMEN - physicist, member of “The Manhattan Project”
MARTIN DOBKIN - politician, frst mayor of Mississauga
MICHAEL IGNATIEFF - author, journalist, academic, politician
JOHN TORY - Mayor of Toronto
LOIS HOLE - Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
SAIDYE ROSHER BRONFMAN - billionaire, founder of the Seagram company
TED LIPMAN - diplomat, ambassador
BEN HATSKIN - founder of the Winnipeg Jets
GREGORY LEKHTMAN - inventor and entrepreneur
MARINA ZUEVA - ice dancing and singles coach and choreographer
GEORGE VOLKOFF - physicist
A-Trak - musician
Harvey Atkin - voice-over actor
Alex Battler - writer
Arnold Belkin - painter
Chinawoman - singer
Ludmilla Chiriaeff - ballet dancer, choreographer and company director
Melyssa Ford - model and actress
Victor Garber - actor, Titanic, Argo, Star Trek
Natalie Glebova - Miss Universe 2005, Miss Universe Canada 2005
Anais Granofsky - actress, Degrassi Junior High
Lorne Greene - actor, Battlestar Galactica
George Grie - artist
Grimes - Juno Award-winning producer and musician
Melissa Hayden - ballerina
Jessica Parker Kennedy - actress, The Secret Circle, Smallville, Black Sails
K.d. lang - musician, winner of Juno and Grammy
Ezra Levant - media personality
Nadia Litz - actress
George London - singer
Eli Mandel - poet
Catherine Manoukian - violinist
Niall Matter - actor, Eureka, Stargate Atlantis, Melrose Place, 90210
Sophie Milman - jazz musician
Zara Nelsova - cellist
Sarah Polley - actress and film director, Order of Canada
Duncan Regehr - writer and actor, Star Trek
Coco Rocha - fashion model and cover girl
Sasha Roiz - actor
Elena Semikina - Miss Universe Canada 2010
Inga Skaya - Miss Universe Canada 2007
Socalled - musician
Ksenia Solo - actress, Black Swan
Madeline Sonik - writer
Jessica Trisko - Miss Earth 2007
Watts - produced for Method Man, Redman, and Snoop Dogg
Adele Wiseman - author
Bluma Appel - philanthropist
John Boyarski - recipient of awards for bravery
Charles Bronfman - billionaire, member of the Bronfman family
Edgar Bronfman, Sr. - billionaire, member of the Bronfman family
Samuel Bronfman - billionaire, member of the Bronfman family
Arcadi Gaydamak - businessman
Jamie Glazov - managing editor of Frontpage Magazine
Sonia Scurfeld - owner of the Calgary Flames in the 1980s and 1990s
Alex Shnaider - co-founder of the Midland Group
Alex Atamanenko - Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada
Vasile Balabanov - Imperial Russian émigré
Catherine Doherty - Imperial Russian émigré, social activist
Siegfried Enns - member of the Canadian House of Commons
George Ignatieff - Canadian diplomat
Tom Nevakshonoff - Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Reynold Rapp - Member of the House of Commons of Canada
Peter Vasilevich Verigin - Doukhobor leader
Pyotr Verzilov - activist
Michel Chossudovsky - writer and professor of economics at the University of Ottawa
Andrew Donskov - professor of modern languages at the University of Ottawa
Israel Halperin - mathematician
Harry Medovy - pediatrician and academic, Order of Canada
Pierre Milman - mathematician, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada,
Sergei Plekhanov - Professor of Political Science at York University
Louis Slotin - physicist, member of the Manhattan Project
Violetta Afanasieva - figure skater
Nik Antropov - hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and the KHL
Ivan Babikov - Olympic cross-country skier
Patricia Bezzoubenko - rhythmic gymnast
Boris Blumin - chess grandmaster
Mark Bluvshtein - chess grandmaster
Édouard Carpentier - professional wrestler
Joshua Ho-Sang - hockey player with the OHL
Igor Ivanov - chess grandmaster
Lioudmila Kortchguina - marathon runner
Crazy Leo - rally driver
Andrei Markov - NHL hockey player
Olga Ovtchinnikova - Olympic fencer
Andrei Rogozine - world champion figure skater
Bobbie Rosenfeld - Olympic gold medalist
Tamerlan Tagziev - wrestler, gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games
Igor Tikhomirov - Olympic champion in fencing

1,359,655 (Census 2016 )
The frst Ukrainian immigrants arrived in Canada in 1891-93. They settled at Edna-Star,
Alberta, in the vicinity of Fort Saskatchewan, where they farmed land and eventually
became successful landowners.

Ramon John Hnatyshyn - Governor-General of Canada
Eugene Melnyk - Owner of The Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey Team
William Shanter - Actor
Joe Shuster - Co-creator of Superman
John Sopinka - Justice of The Supreme Court Of Canada
Alex Trebek - Television Game Show Host
Roberta Bondar - Astronaut
Katheryn Winnick - Actress
Ed Stelmach - Premier of Alberta from 2006 to 2011
Daria Werbowy - Model
Roman Danylo - comedian
Fred Ewanuick - actor
Luba Goy - comedian
Jeremy Kushnier - actor/singer
Tatiana Maslany - actress
James Motluk - flmmaker
Adam Smoluk - director, screenwriter and actor
Edward Burtynsky - photographer
Denys Drozdyuk - ballroom dancer
John Kricfalusi - cartoonist
William Kurelek - artist
Oleg Lipchenko - artist
Dave Andreychuk - hockey player
Bill Barilko - hockey player
Mike Bossy - hockey player
Tyler Bozak - hockey player
Turk Broda - hockey player
John Bucyk - hockey player
Kerry Burtnyk - curler
Randy Ferbey - curler
Dale Hawerchuk - hockey player
Joffrey Lupul - hockey player
Orest Meleschuk - curler
J.D. Michaels - professional wrestler
Bill Mosienko - hockey player
Kelly Olynyk - basketball player
Alexei Ponikarovsky - hockey player
Terry Sawchuk - ice hockey goaltender
Eddie Shack - hockey player
Jordin Tootoo - hockey player
Ed Werenich - curler
Edward Bayda - former Chief Justice of Saskatchewan
Peter Dmytruk - war hero (WWII), Royal Canadian Air Force
Filip Konowal - Victoria Cross recipient
Randy Bachman - musician
Paul Brandt - country music artist
Ron Cahute - musician
Rick Danko - musician, former bassist and singer of The Band
Ivan and Stefan Doroschuk - musicians (Men Without Hats)
Gordie Johnson - musician
Juliette - singer and CBC television host
Theresa Sokyrka - singer
Roman Soltykewych - conductor
James Bezan - member of parliament
Ernie Eves - former Premier of Ontario
Ed Ewasiuk - labour activist, city councilor
Sylvia Fedoruk - Canadian scientist, curler
Gary Filmon - former premier of Manitoba
Chrystia Freeland - Canadian Minister
Stephen Juba - former mayor of Winnipeg
Gerard Kennedy - Ontario cabinet minister
Peter Liba - former lieutenant-governor of Manitoba
MaryAnn Mihychuk - Canadian Minister of Employment, Workforce, and Labour
Steve Peters - Ontario cabinet minister
Roy Romanow - former premier of Saskatchewan
Don Rusnak - member of parliament
Edward Schreyer - former governor-general of Canada
Michael Starr - former cabinet minister
Judy Wasylycia-Leis - former member of parliament
Borys Wrzesnewskyj - member of parliament
John Yaremko - longest serving cabinet minister
Paul Yuzyk - former senator
Albert Bandura - psychologist
Isydore Hlynka - biochemist, Ukrainian Canadian community leader
Taras Kuzio - Ukraine expert
George S. N. Luckyj - scholar of Ukrainian literature
Lubomyr Romankiw - scientist, Ph.D. degrees in metallurgy and materials
Jaroslav Rudnyckyj - linguist, a founding father of Canadian multiculturalism
Alex Biega - lawyer and author
Marsha Skrypuch - writer
Fedor Bohatirchuk - chess player
Annie Buller - union organizer
Bohdan Hawrylyshyn - visionary and economic advisor

Indigenous peoples (also referred to as Aboriginal peoples) have been in Canada since time immemorial. They formed complex social, political, economic, and cultural systems before Europeans came to North America.

In Canada, the term Indigenous peoples (or Aboriginal peoples) refers to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. These are the original inhabitants of the land that is now Canada. Though severely threatened — and in certain cases extinguished — by colonial forces, indigenous culture, language, and social systems have shaped the development of Canada and continue to grow and thrive despite extreme adversity.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 2,130,520 Canadians of Aboriginal origins in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Aboriginal Canadians

First Nations

Aaron Nelson-Moody, woodcarver
Aatsista-Mahkan, Blackfoot chief
Abishabis, Cree religious leader
A-ca-oo-mah-ca-ye, Blackfoot chief
Adam Beach, actor
Agouhanna, chief of Hochelega
Alanis Obomsawin, filmmaker
Alex Janvier, Dene Suline-Saulteaux artist
Alfred Scow, judge and hereditary chief
Alwyn Morris, athlete
Anahareo (Gertrude Bernard), author
Andy de Jarlis, Métis fiddler
Anna Mae Aquash, Mi'kmaq activist
Armond Duck Chief, country singer-songwriter
Arron Asham, NHL hockey player
Auoindaon, Wyandot chief
Barbara Wardlaw, interim leader, First Peoples National Party of Canada
Bernard Ominayak, elected leader of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Bert Crowfoot, broadcaster and journalist
Bev Sellars, Secwepemc writer and chief
Big Bear, Cree chief
Bill Reid, Haida jeweler, sculptor, and artist
Billy Merasty, actor
Bonnie Devine, Ojibway conceptual artist
Buffy Sainte-Marie, Cree musician
Byron Chief-Moon, Kainai Nation American-born actor
Carey Price, NHL hockey player
Carla Robinson, television journalist
Chief Pontiac, Odawa war leader
Chief William Jeffrey, Tsimshian hereditary chief, activist, and carver
Claude McKenzie, singer-songwriter
Columpa Bobb, actor, playwright, and poet
Cree Summer, voice actress
Crowfoot, Blackfoot chief
Crystal Shawanda, musician
Dan George, actor and Salish chief
Daniel David Moses, poet and playwright
Daphne Odjig, Odawa-Potawatomi painter
David Ahenakew, politician
David B. Williams, Ojibway painter and printmaker
David Neel, Kwakwaka'wakw conceptual artist, print-maker, and author
Dawson Charlie, co-discoverer of gold in the Yukon
Demasduit, one of the last Beothuk people
Dempsey Bob, Tahltan-Tlingit woodcarver
Donald Marshall, Jr., wrongly convicted of murder
Donnacona, chief of Stadacona, site of present-day Quebec City
Douglas Cardinal, architect
Drew Hayden Taylor, playwright and journalist
Dudley George, protester killed near Camp Ipperwash
Duncan McCue, journalist
Eden Robinson, writer
Edward John, political leader
Elijah Harper, politician
Ellen Neel, Kwakwaka'wakw woodcarver
Eric Robinson, politician
Ethel Blondin-Andrew, politician
Evan Adams, Sliammon actor, doctor, and health policy expert
Florent Vollant, Innu singer-songwriter
Francis Pegahmagabow, sniper, Military Medal winner
Freda Ahenakew, author
Frederick Alexcee, Tsimshian-Iroquois woodcarver
Gary Farmer (b. 1953) Cayuga actor and filmmaker
Gary Merasty, politician
Gary Potts, former chief of Temagami First Nation
Gaylord Powless, lacrosse player
George Leach, politician
George Manuel, former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations
Georges Erasmus, politician
Gerald McMaster, Siksika First Nation-Red Pheasant First Nation artist, author, curator
Gilbert Monture, honorary chief of the Mohawk tribe
Gordon Tootoosis, actor
Graham Greene, Oneida actor
Gregory Scofield, writer
Guujaaw, Haida, carver, musician, and political activist
Harold Cardinal, writer and political leader
Harold Crowchild, last surviving Tsuu T'ina veteran of World War II
Helen Betty Osborne, Manitoba woman, kidnapped and murdered
Henri Membertou, Mi'kmaq leader
Jackson Beardy, Ayisini painter
James Bartleman, diplomat and author
James Bourque, activist
James Gabriel, Grand Chief of Kanesatake, Quebec
James Gladstone, Canadian senator
James Sewid, former chief councilor of the Kwakwaka'wakw
Jay Silverheels, actor best known for playing Tonto
Jeannette Armstrong, author, artist, and activist
Jerry Alfred, musician
Jerry Fontaine, politician
Jimmy Herman, actor
John Harding (Sha ko hen the tha), chief of Kanesatake, Quebec
Jonathan Cheechoo, ice hockey player
Jonathan Genest-Jourdain, politician
Joseph Brant, Mohawk leader
Joseph Onasakenrat, Mohawk chief of Kanesatake, Quebec
June Callwood, journalist, author, and social activist
Kaniehtiio Horn, actress
Kate Carmack, possible finder of the gold deposits in the Yukon
Kaúxuma Núpika, prophetess
Keish (Skookum Jim Mason), discovered gold in the Yukon
Kona Williams, forensic pathologist
Lee Maracle, poet and author
Leela Gilday, Dene musician
Leonard Marchand, politician
Lillian Dyck, Canadian senator
Loma Lyns, musician
Lorne Cardinal, actor
Maquinna, chief of the Nuu-chah-nulth
Mary Brant, Mohawk leader
Mary Greyeyes-Reid, first First Nations woman to join the Canadian Forces
Mary John, Sr., leader of the Dakelh or Carrier people
Mary Kawennatakie Adams, Mohawk basket maker
Massey Whiteknife, businessman and musician
Matonabbee, Chipewyan hunter and leader
Matthew Coon Come, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations
Milton Born With A Tooth, activist
Morley Loon, musician
Mungo Martin, Kwakwaka'wakw woodcarver
Myron Wolf Child, youth activist, public speaker, and politician
Nadine Caron, first female First Nations Canadian general surgeon
Nahnebahwequa, Ojibwa spokeswoman and Christian Missionary
Nathaniel Arcand, actor
Nonosbawsut, leader of the Beothuk people
Norval Morrisseau, Ojibwe artist
Oronhyatekha, first Aboriginal medical doctor
Oscar Lathlin, politician
Ovide Mercredi, politician
Paul DeVillers, politician
Pauline Johnson, writer and performer
Perry Bellegarde, politician and leader of the Assembly of First Nations
Peter Penashue, politician
Phil Fontaine, former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations
Piapot, leader, diplomat, warrior, horse thief, and spiritualist
Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker), Cree chief
Rainbow Sun Francks, Plains Cree actor
Ralph Steinhauer, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
Rebecca Belmore, Ojibwe conceptual artist
Reggie Leach, ice hockey player
René Highway, dancer and actor
Robbie Robertson, songwriter and guitarist
Ron Evans, politician
Ross Powless, lacrosse player
Roy Henry Vickers, Tsimshian artist
Samian, musician
Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Canadian senator
Sandrine Renard, newscaster on the Naked News
Shanawdithit, believed to have been the last surviving member of the Beothuk people
Shawn Atleo, chief
Sheldon Souray, ice hockey player
Shelley Niro, New York-born Six Nations of the Grand River Mohawk artist and filmmaker
Shingoose, musician
Stephen Kakfwi, premier of the Northwest Territories
Steven Bonspille, Mohawk chief
Susan Point, Coast Salish artist
T. J. Burke, politician
Tantoo Cardinal, actor
Tara Lee Morin, writer
Tecumseh, military leader, War of 1812
Ted Moses, politician
Ted Nolan, ice hockey player and coach
Tina Keeper, activist, actress, and politician
Tom Hogan, Ojibwe painter
Tom Longboat, distance runner
Tommy Prince, war hero
Tomson Highway, playwright, novelist, and children's author
Wab Kinew, musician and broadcaster
Walter Patrick Twinn, Canadian senator
Wayne Keon (Nipissing First Nation), poet and short story writer
Will Morin, politician
William Prince, singer-songwriter
Willie Dunn, filmmaker, folk musician, playwright, and politician


Eva Aariak, politician, second Premier of Nunavut
Acoutsina, interpreter
Willie Adams, politician who was a member of the Senate of Canada
Johnny Ned Adams, pilot, businessman, and former mayor of the village of Kuujjuaq
Susan Aglukark, musician
Leona Aglukkaq, politician, Minister of Health and Minister of Environment
Olayuk Akesuk, politician
Atuat Akkitirq, filmmaker and costume designer, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Tony Akoak, politician
David Alagalak, politician
Ovide Alakannuark, politician
Madeleine Allakariallak, musician and television journalist
Titus Allooloo, politician and business man
Simeonie Amagoalik, carver
Jack Anawak, politician
William Andersen III, politician
Wally Andersen, politician
Paul Apak Angilirq, film producer and screenwriter
Michael Angottitauruq, politician
Stephen Angulalik, fur trader and trading post operator
Irene Kataq Angutitok, sculptor
Moses Appaqaq, carver, politician
Joe Arlooktoo, carver, politician
Goo Arlooktoo, politician
Germaine Arnaktauyok, printmaker, painter, and drawer
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, producer and director
Silas Arngna'naaq, politician
James Arreak, politician
James Arvaluk, politician
Kenojuak Ashevak, artist
Shuvinai Ashoona, artist
Pitseolak Ashoona, artist
Andrew Atagotaaluk, first Inuk diocesan bishop, Bishop of the Arctic
Aua, angakkuq (shaman)
Moses Aupaluktuq, politician
Levi Barnabas, politician
Ernie Bernhardt, politician
Paul-André Brasseur, actor
Levinia Brown, politician
Caubvick, visited England, smallpox carrier
Nellie Cournoyea, politician, Premier of the Northwest Territories
Charlie Crow, politician, disc jockey
Tagak Curley, politician, prominent figure in the negotiations that led to the creation of Nunavut
Beatrice Deer, singer
Lisa Dempster, politician
Ebierbing, guide, husband of Tookoolito
Randy Edmunds, politician
Edna Elias, politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Monica Ell-Kanayuk, politician
Joe Enook, politician
Tommy Enuaraq, politician, author
Elijah Erkloo, politician
Kingmeata Etidlooie, artist
Tivi Etok, artist, illustrator, and printmaker
Mark Evaloarjuk, business pioneer and politician
Joe Allen Evyagotailak, politician
Alice Masak French, author
Simon Gibbons, first Inuk priest
Melissa Haney, first female Inuk pilot to reach the rank of captain
Glenna Hansen, politician, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
Ann Meekitjuk Hanson, politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Donald Havioyak, politician
George Hickes, Jr., politician
George Hickes, Sr., politician
Joseph Idlout, featured on the former Canadian two-dollar bill
Lucie Idlout, singer/songwriter
Osuitok Ipeelee, sculptor
Alootook Ipellie, graphic artist, political and satirical cartoonist and writer, photographer, and Inuktitut translator
David Iqaqrialu, politician
Peter Irniq, politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Enoki Irqittuq, politician
Elisapie Isaac, pop singer, broadcaster, documentary filmmaker, and activist
Peter Ittinuar, politician, first Inuk to be elected as an MP
Madeline Ivalu, filmmaker and actor, cofounder of Arnait Video Productions
Paul-Dylan Ivalu, actor, grandson of Madeline Ivalu
David Joanasie, politician
Yvonne Jones, politician, leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador
Helen Kalvak, graphic artist, angakkuq (shaman)
Nancy Karetak-Lindell, politician
Peter Kattuk, politician
Simeonie Keenainak, musician and RCMP
Pauloosie Keyootak, politician
Janet Kigusiuq, artist, daughter of Jessie Oonark
Kikkik, charged with, but acquitted of, murder, child neglect, and causing the death of one of her children
Ipeelee Kilabuk, politician
Peter Kilabuk, politician
Kiviaq, lawyer, politician, and former sportsman
Adamee Komoartok, politician
David Pisurayak Kootook, saved the life of Marten Hartwell after an aircraft crash
Madeleine Isserkut Kringayak, sculptor and jewelry artist
Peter Kritaqliluk, politician
George Kuksuk, politician
Zacharias Kunuk, producer and director
Floyd Kuptana, artist, stone carvings
Rosemarie Kuptana, Inuit rights activist, politician
Nellie Kusugak, politician, Commissioner of Nunavut
Lorne Kusugak, politician
Michael Kusugak, children's writer
Jose Kusugak, politician
Johannes Lampe, politician
Sarah Leo, politician
Bill Lyall, politician, business man
Helen Maksagak, politician, Commissioner of Nunavut, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
Steve Mapsalak, politician
Mosha Michael, filmmaker, composer, carver
Mikak, visited England, interpreter
Johnny Mike, politician
Rebecca Mike, politician
Andy Miki, artist
Simeon Mikkungwak, politician
Nakasuk, founder of Iqaluit
Agnes Nanogak, artist
Patterk Netser, politician
John Ningark, politician
Johnny Ningeongan, politician
William Noah, politician, artist, son of Jessie Oonark
Samuel Nuqingaq, politician
Jobie Nutarak, politician
Natan Obed, politician
Paul Okalik, politician, Premier of Nunavut
Abe Okpik, politician, community leader, head of Project Surname
Jessie Oonark, artist, mother of Janet Kigusiuq and William Noah
Orpingalik, angakkuq (shaman), poet
Hezakiah Oshutapik, politician
John Pangnark, sculptor
Charlie Panigoniak, singer-songwriter and guitarist
Pauloosie Paniloo, politician
Parr, artist
Enuk Pauloosie, politician
Lena Pedersen, first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Aaju Peter, lawyer and sealskin clothing designer
Looty Pijamini, artist
David Ruben Piqtoukun, artist
Peter Pitseolak, photographer, sculptor, artist and historian
Annabella Piugattuk, actor
Calvin Pokiak, politician
Annie Pootoogook, artist
Kananginak Pootoogook, sculptor and printmaker
Napachie Pootoogook, artist, daughter of Pitseolak Ashoona and mother of Annie Pootoogook
Patty Pottle, politician
Pudlo Pudlat, artist
Kenoayoak Pudlat, politician
Ludy Pudluk, politician
Uriash Puqiqnak, politician, carver
Andrew Qappik, graphic artist
Lucy Qinnuayuak, graphic artist and printmaker
Emilino Qirngnuq, politician
Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, writer
Paul Quassa, politician
Tumasi Quissa, singer-songwriter, carver
George Qulaut, politician
Taamusi Qumaq, helped preserve Inuit language and traditional culture, wrote an Inuktitut dictionary and an encyclopedia on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit
Madeleine Redfern, politician
Keith Russell, politician
Todd Russell, politician
Pitaloosie Saila, artist
Pauta Saila, artist
Tom Sammurtok, politician
Alexander Sammurtok, politician
Joe Savikataaq, politician
Eric Schweig, actor
Elisapee Sheutiapik, politician
John Shiwak, sniper in the First World War
Isaac Shooyook, politician
Nick Sikkuark, artist
David Simailak, politician
Mary Simon, politician, diplomat
Vince Steen, politician
Donald Suluk, religious figure
Thomas Suluk, politician
Tanya Tagaq, throat singer, artist
Joe Talirunili, printmaker and sculptor
Louis Tapardjuk, politician
Peter Taptuna, politician, Premier of Nunavut
Ningeokuluk Teevee, writer and artist
Manitok Thompson, politician
Willie Thrasher, musician
Irene Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq, artist
John Tiktak, sculptor
Kane Tologanak, politician
Tookoolito, guide, wife of Ebierbing
Simon Tookoome, artist
Jordin Tootoo, hockey player
Hunter Tootoo, politician
Victor Tungilik, religious figure, both a Christian and a traditional angakkuq (shaman)
Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok, artist
Marion Tuu'luq, artist
Jeannie Ugyuk, politician
Abraham Ulrikab, human zoo exhibit
Umik, angakkuq (shaman)
Natar Ungalaaq, actor, filmmaker, and sculptor
Uvavnuk, angakkuq (shaman), oral poet
Sheila Watt-Cloutier, politician, activist
Charlie Watt, politician
Rebekah Williams, politician


Howard Adams, Métis activist, author, and leader
Pierre Bottineau, Minnesota frontiersman, surveyor, diplomat, and translator
Michel "Mitch" Bouyer, Métis of French Canadian and Sioux ancestry, interpreter and guide in the Old West, lead scout with the US Seventh Cavalry, died along with Lt.Col. George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876
James P. Brady, Métis politician and activist
Harry Daniels, Métis politician and activist
Pierre Delorme, Métis politician and activist
Gabriel Dumont, Métis military leader during the North-West Rebellion
Cuthbert Grant, Métis political and military leader
John Norquay, Métis politician, Premier of Manitoba from 1878 to 1887
Malcolm Norris, Métis politician and activist
Louis Riel, Métis leader who led the Red River Rebellion in 1869 and 1870, the provisional government of Rupert's Land, Manitoba's entry into Confederation in 1870; later led the North-West Rebellion in 1885
George R. D. Goulet, 2007 (shown carrying the Métis flag) and leading the Grand Entry at the Red River West celebration
Sandra Birdsell, daughter of a Métis man and a Russian Mennonite woman, based her award-winning novel Children of the Day in part on her parents' experiences in Manitoba in the 1920s to 1950s
Robert Boyer (1948–2004), Métis Cree artist, best known for his politically charged "Blanket Statements" series of paintings
Alec Butler
Maria Campbell, Métis writer and filmmaker
Cherie Dimaline, writer
George R. D. Goulet, bestselling Métis author; books include The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied, The Metis: Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities, and The Métis in British Columbia: From Fur Trade Outposts to Colony
Dylan Miner, Métis printmaker, writer, and conceptual artist
Rick Rivet (born 1949), painter
Gregory Scofield, writer, poet, activist, and educator
Katherena Vermette, writer
Christine Welsh, documentary filmmaker and academic
Rod Bruinooge, Métis, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South (Conservative Party of Canada), Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs & Northern Development, Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians from 2005 until the fall of 2008
Todd Ducharme, Métis, appointed in 2004 as a judge of the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice
Shelly Glover, Métis, Member of Parliament for Saint-Boniface (Conservative Party of Canada), Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages
Carole James, former British Columbia New Democratic Party leader, of partial Métis ancestry
Colleen Klein, wife of former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, of Métis ancestry
Derrick O'Keefe, Rabble.ca editor, Canadian anti-war movement leader of partial Métis ancestry and has Métis membership
Thelma J. Chalifoux, Metis, community activist, First Aboriginal woman appointed to the Senate of Canada, established Michif Cultural and Resource Institute
Arron Asham, professional ice hockey player
Sharon Bruneau, a Canadian champion bodybuilder
René Bourque, NHL hockey player from Lac La Biche, Alberta, a Métis
Sharon Bruneau, bodybuilder and fitness model
Tony Gingras, professional ice hockey player for the Winnipeg Victorias
Travis Hamonic, professional ice hockey player for the Calgary Flames
Dwight King, professional ice hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings
Vic Mercredi, Atlanta Flames first round draft pick
Kevin O'Toole, 1996 North American light heavyweight bodybuilding champion
Wade Redden, NHL defenceman, of Métis ancestry
Sheldon Souray, NHL defenceman, of Métis ancestry
Douglas Cardinal, architect, of Métis and Blackfoot ancestry
Tantoo Cardinal, actress, of Métis and Cree ancestry
Jon Gallant, bassist for the Canadian band Billy Talent
Roseanne Supernault, actress, Métis of Cree descent
Andrea Menard, actress, playwright, and singer, Métis


Prior to 1970, only a sprinkling of people from African countries settled in Canada, mainly from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Many African countries attained independence about that time: Ghana (1959), Nigeria (1960), Uganda (1962), Kenya (1963), and Zambia and Tanzania (1964). Many newcomers began to settle in Canada in the 1960s.

Many Africans speak an African language in their home settings, though, in general, Africans who come to Canada have a good working knowledge of either English or French.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 1,067,930 Canadians of African origins in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous African Canadians

Ali Ngon Gerba, soccer player
Alysha Brilla, thrice Juno-nominated Indo-Tanzanian-Canadian musician
Daniel Igali, Olympic gold medalist in wrestling
Delphine Erhabor, business consultant
Erica Shukrani Luttrell, actress
Farah Nasser, journalist
Françoise Abanda, professional tennis player
Israel Idonije, NFL player for the Chicago Bears
Jackie Agyemang Appiah, Canadian-born Ghanaian actress
Jarome Iginla, NHL hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings
Laryea Adjetey, soccer player who played in the USL A-League and the Canadian Professional Soccer League
Mpho Koaho, actor
Naheed Kurban Nenshi, politician, 36th mayor of Calgary, Alberta
Ndzemdzela Langwa, football player
Ohenewa Akuffo, Olympic freestyle wrestler for Canada
Olu Famutimi, professional basketball player
Pierre Kwenders, musician
Rizwan Manji, actor
Robert Adetuyi, screenwriter and film director
Samuel Oghale Oboh, the first person of African descent to be president of the 110-year-old Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Stella Umeh, gymnast
Taslim Samji, artist and writer
WondaGurl, hip-hop producer
Yasmin Ratansi, politician


The Canadian Immigration Act of 1952 resulted in an increased number of skilled and educated Argentine immigrants to Canada. The majority were fleeing the economic decline and political turmoil following the Revolución Libertadora. An average of 400 Argentines immigrated to Canada annually from 1964 to 1972. Beginning in 1973, increased instability, terrorism and high inflation in Argentina created another wave of immigration to Canada. The rate of immigration increased to more than 1000 persons annually during the mid-1970s. The influx lasted until 1983, coinciding with the progress of Argentine democracy.

The highest concentrations of Argentine Canadians are in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec

According to 2016 Census there are 20,680 people of Argentinian descent in Canada.

(Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples, Wikipedia)

Famous Argentinian Canadians

Albert Aguayo – neurologist
Manuel "Manny" Aparicio – soccer player
Dan Biocchi – politician
Mario Bunge – philosopher and physicist
Verónica Dahl – computer scientist
Daniel Castillo Durante – author
Mario Giovinetto – glaciologist, climatologist, and geographer
Manny Gómez – soccer player
Sergio Marchi – politician
Hector Leonardo Marinaro – soccer player and coach
Estanislao Oziewicz – journalist
Verónica María Ravenna – luger
Pablo Rodríguez – politician
Guillermo Verdecchia – theatre artist
Barney Williams – rower


The Caribbean is an economically and culturally diverse group of 27 countries and territories including Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Canadians of Caribbean origin belong to one of the largest non-European ethnic groups in Canada. A group of 556 Jamaicans arrived in Canada in 1796 after an unsuccessful British attempt to enslave them in Jamaica. Between 1800 and 1920, a small number of Jamaicans and Barbadians immigrated as labourers to work in the Cape Breton and Sydney mines, but from 1920 until the early 1960s, immigration was virtually nonexistent.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 749,155 Canadians of Caribbean origins in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Caribbean Canadians

Adonis Stevenson, professional boxer, current WBC Light Heavyweight Champion
Alison Sealy-Smith, actress
Amanda Marshall, pop singer
Andre Alexis, author
Andre De Grasse, sprinter
Andrew Wiggins, professional basketball player
Angella Taylor-Issajenko, coach and former sprinter
Anne Cools, politician, member of the Canadian Senate
Anson Carter, ice hockey player
Anthony Duclair, professional hockey player
Anthony Kavanagh, comedian
Antoine Craan, professional soccer player
Athésia, singer-songwriter
Atlee Mahorn, sprinter
Austin Clarke, novelist
Austin Codrington, cricketer
Bad News Brown, musician
Bas Balkissoon, Member of Ontario Provincial Parliament
Ben Johnson, sprinter
Benz Antoine, actor
Bermane Stiverne, professional boxer
Bromley Lloyd Armstrong, black Canadian civil rights leader
Bruny Surin, Olympian gold medal winning sprinter
Calvin Ruck, politician
Carl Valentine, soccer player and coach
Carmen Brouard, pianist, composer and music educator
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, Toronto city councillor
Charmaine Crooks, athlete, five-time Olympian and Olympic silver medalist
Chris Johnson, boxer
Chris Spence, educator, author, and former Canadian football player
Cindy Breakspeare, Canadian-Jamaican jazz musician and former model
Claire Prieto, filmmaker and producer
Claude Patrick, mixed martial artist
Claude Vilgrain, professional hockey player
Clement Virgo, film and television writer, producer, and director
Curtis Hibbert, athlete and stuntman
Daniel Faraldo, known professionally as Dan-e-o, hip-hop artist and actor
Dany Laferrière, novelist
Darnell Nurse, professional hockey player, currently playing in the NHL for the Edmonton Oilers
David Loiseau, mixed martial arts fighter, first Haitian-Canadian to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship
Dayana Cadeau, Haitian-born Canadian American professional bodybuilder
Desiree Scott, soccer midfielder
Dierry Jean, professional boxer
Director X, music video director
Divine Brown, Juno Award-winning R&B and soul singer and theatre performer
DL Incognito, rapper
Dominique Anglade, MNA for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne
Donovan Bailey, sprinter
Donovan Ruddock, boxer
Dwight Drummond, television journalist
Dylan Ennis, professional basketball player
Édouard Woolley, tenor, actor, composer, and music educator
Edrick Floréal, Olympic long and triple jumper
Elkana Mayard, professional soccer player
Émile Ollivier, writer
Emmanuel Dubourg, MP for Bourassa, former MNA of Viau in Montreal
Fabienne Colas, actress, director and producer, and head of the Fabienne Colas Foundation
Farley Flex, television personality
Felicia Lily "Fefe" Dobson, singer and songwriter
Félix Brillant, professional soccer player
Ferguson Jenkins, Jr., professional baseball player
Firmin Monestime, mayor of Mattawa, Ontario, first elected black mayor in Canada
Frances-Anne Solomon, filmmaker and producer for Leda Serene Films and CaribbeanTales
Francis Bouillon, defenceman for the Montreal Canadiens
Franklyn Dennis, cricketer
Frantz Benjamin, Montreal city councillor for Saint-Michel
Fredrick Brathwaite, ice hockey player and coach
G. Raymond Chang, businessman, philanthropist, and the third chancellor of Ryerson University
Gary Goodridge, kick boxer and mixed martial artist
Gary Klang, poet and novelist
Georges Anglade, geographer and writer
Georges Laraque, former professional hockey player
Gerald Eaton, R&B singer-songwriter and music producer
Gérard Étienne, writer
Gilles Colon, former professional Canadian Football League player
Glenn Lewis, R&B and neo soul singer
Glenn Lewis, neo soul singer-songwriter
Glenroy Gilbert, sprinter
Gloria Reuben, producer, singer, and actress
Guerdy J. Préval, painter
Hedy Fry, Liberal Member of Parliament
Hewitt Bernard, lawyer, militia officer, editor, and civil servant
Ian Hanomansing, CBC journalist
Imposs, rapper
Isabelle Racicot, television and radio host
Ishan Morris, actor and hip-hop/pop/R&B recording artist/singer
Jamaal Magloire, former professional basketball player in the NBA
James Douglas, first governor of the Colony of British Columbia
Jason D. Harrow, better known by his stage name Kardinal Offishal, rapper, record producer, and record executive
Jean Alfred, former MNA for Hull
Jean Pascal, professional boxer
Jean-Ernest Pierre, owner of CJWI radio station in Montreal, Quebec
Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre, professional hockey player
Jems Geffrard, professional soccer player
Jennifer Abel, Olympic swimmer
Jephté Bastien, film director
Jillian Richardson, former athlete
Jimmy-Shammar Sanon, professional soccer player
Joachim Alcine, professional boxer
Joe Fortes, lifeguard
Joe Fortes, prominent figure in the early history of Vancouver
Joel Ward, ice hockey player
Jonathan C. Jones, jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing
Jonathan Emile, hip-hop recording artist
Joshua Ho-Sang, professional ice hockey player
Josué Mayard, professional soccer player
Julian de Guzman, soccer player
Jully Black (born Jullyann Inderia Gordon), R&B singer-songwriter, and actress
Kamala Jean Gopie, political activist
Karlene Haughton, athlete
Kaytranada, electronic musician, producer, and DJ
Keisha Chanté, R&B and pop singer
Kevin Weekes, ice hockey player
k-os, hip-hop musician
Kreesha Turner, recording artist and songwriter
Lascelles Brown, bobsledder
Lennox Farrell, political activist
Lennox Lewis, professional boxer
Leonel Jules, painter
Lillian Allen, dub poet, reggae musician, writer, and Juno award winner
Lincoln MacCauley Alexander, lawyer who became the first black Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, the first black federal Cabinet Minister (serving as federal Minister of Labour), the first black chair of the Worker's Compensation Board, and the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991
Loudia Laarman, sprinter
Luck Mervil, Quebec-based rock singer
Makeda Silvera, novelist and short story writer
Marc Antoine, singer
Marc Calixte, professional soccer player
Marcia Young, broadcast journalist and host of World Report
Margarett Best, politician
Marie-Célie Agnant, author and poet
Marie-Denise Douyon, painter, graphic artist
Marie-Josée Lord, opera soprano
Marita Payne, athlete
Mark Anthony Graham, Canadian Olympic athlete and soldier who died while participating in Operation Medusa during the NATO mission in Afghanistan
Mark Boswell, high jumper
Mark Saunders, Toronto police chief
Mary Anne Chambers, politician
Matthew Jehu Samuels, professionally known as Boi-1da, record producer
Maxime Boisclair, professional Canadian hockey player
Maxime Fortunus, professional ice hockey player
Mélissa Laveaux, musician
Michael Lee-Chin, business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
Michael Thompson, politician
Michaëlle Jean, journalist and Canada's first black Governor General
Michie Mee, rapper and actress
Molly Killingbeck, athlete
Muzion, rap group
Nadine Magloire, writer
Nalo Hopkinson, writer and editor
Neil Bissoondath, novelist, former Vision TV host
Nicholas Ifill, cricketer
Nicole Lyn, television actress
Obed Cétoute, professional Canadian Football League player
Oliver Jones, jazz pianist, organist, composer, and arranger
Olivier Occéan, professional soccer player
Ordena Stephens, actress
Orim M. Meikle, senior pastor and chairman of Rhema Canada
Orville Lloyd Douglas, essayist, poet, and writer
Osvaldo Jeanty, professional basketball player
Panou, actor
PartyNextDoor, rapper, producer, and songwriter
Patrice Bernier, professional soccer player
Patrick Husbands, jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing
Paul Arcelin, writer
Peter Williams, actor
Philip Akin, actor
Pierre Browne, sprinter
Pierre Gage, singer-songwriter
Pierre-Rudolph Mayard, professional soccer player
Quddus, MTV veejay
Rabindranath Maharaj, novelist
Ralph Gilles, automobile designer (Chrysler 300)
Ramabai Espinet, author
Randall Thorne, better known by his pseudonym RT!, filmmaker
Randy Samuel, soccer player who represented Canada at the 1986 FIFA World Cup
Ray Emery, ice hockey player
Raymond Fontaine, professional Canadian Football League player
Régine Chassagne, musician with group Arcade Fire
Richard Fung, filmmaker, creator
Rob Rainford, chef, author of Rob Rainford's Born to Grill
Robert Esmie, sprinter and member of the 1996 Summer Olympics, gold medalist
Roger Cross, actor
Roi Heenok, rapper
Ronald Hilaire, former CFL defensive lineman, current head coach of McGill Redmen
Ronald Selmour, actor, renaissance man
Rosemary Brown, politician
Ryan Hogan, public speaker and hockey player
Ryan Thelwell, footballer
Sam Gellard, former hockey player in the World Hockey Association (WHA)
Samantha Majendie-Albert, Canadian-born equestrian who represents Jamaica in international competition
Samuel Dalembert, professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks
Saskia Garel, musician and actress
Schiller Hyppolite, professional boxer
Shani Mootoo, author
Shelley-Ann Brown, bobsledder
Simeon Jackson, professional footballer
Simon Marcus, Muay Thai kickboxer
Stacey McKenzie, fashion model, runway coach, and most recently a model coach and judge on the Canadian reality television show Canada's Next Top Model
Stanley George Sinclair Grizzle, Canadian citizenship judge, soldier, political candidate, and civil rights and labour union activist
Stephen Ames, professional golfer, currently part of the PGA Tour
Stewart Campbell, lawyer and politician
Susan Agnes Macdonald, 1st Baroness Macdonald of Earnscliffe, second wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada
Tony Sharpe, sprinter
Tonya Lee Williams, actress
Trevor W. Payne, musician
Trey Anthony, award-winning playwright, actor, and producer
Tristan Thompson, professional basketball player
Ulrick Chérubin, former mayor of Amos, Quebec
Vivian Barbot, former MP for Papineau in Montreal
Wyn Belotte, professional soccer player
Yves Jabouin, mixed martial arts fighter
Yvon Krevé, hip-hop artist
Yvonne Saunders, athlete
Zanana Lorraine Akande, politician


German Canadians — that is, Canadians who report their ethnic origin as solely or partly from Germany or of German ancestry — are one of Canada's largest ethnic categories of European origin. Prior to the British Conquest, circa 1760, Germans came to New France primarily in the service of the French military forces. Swiss guards were members of the first French expedition of 1604 to launch a colony in Acadia. Québec’s first recorded settler from Germany is Hans Bernhard from Erfurt, who bought land on Île d’Orléans in 1664. By 1760, an estimated 200 German families could be identified along the St Lawrence River — mainly families of soldiers, seamen, artisans, and army doctors.

British North America, and then Canada, would receive six waves of immigration throughout their history, the most recent of which consisted of displaced people at the end of the Second World War.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 3,322,405 Canadians of German ancestry in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous German Canadians

Rosalie Abella, current Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Roger Avary, director and Academy Award-winning screenwriter
Randy Bachman, rock musician
Jackie Barrett, retired Special Olympics powerlifter
Bobby Bauer, hockey player
William Berczy (William Moll-Berczy), cofounder of the city of York, now Toronto, in 1794
Justin Bieber, singer-songwriter
William E. Blatz, psychologist
Peter Boehm, Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Matt Brouwer, Christian/gospel musician
Sarah Chalke, actress
John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister
Gary Doer, current Ambassador to the United States and former Premier of Manitoba
Woody Dumart, hockey player
Feist, singer-songwriter
Derek Fildebrandt, Alberta Wildrose politician
Paul Gross, actor, director, and producer
Dany Heatley, hockey player
Gerhard Herzberg, scientist
John Kay, musician
Craig Kielburger, humanitarian
Taylor Kitsch, actor
Cindy Klassen, sportswoman
Ralph Klein, former Progressive Conservative Premier of Alberta
Cornelius Krieghoff, artist
Chad Kroeger, frontman of Nickelback
k.d. lang, singer-songwriter
Silken Laumann, sportswoman
Jack Layton, former leader of the official opposition
Almuth Lütkenhaus, sculptor
Howie Morenz, hockey player
Rob Niedermayer, hockey player
Scott Niedermayer, hockey player
Valerie Poxleitner (known as Lights), singer-songwriter
Peter Rindisbacher, artist
Milt Schmidt, hockey player
Edward Schreyer, former Governor General and former Premier of Manitoba
Earl Seibert, hockey player
Arnold Theodor Spohr, artistic director, ballet dancer
Frank Stronach, founder of Magna International, an international automotive parts company
Miriam Toews, Governor General's Award-winning writer
Vic Toews, politician
John Vernon, actor
Augustus Stephen Vogt, composer and author
Eberhard Zeidler, architect
Joel Thomas Zimmerman, music producer
Karl Friesen, hockey player
Harold Kreis, hockey player and coach
Roy Roedger, hockey player


Greek immigration to Canada began early in the 19th century. Greeks from the islands (e.g., Crete, Syros, and Skopelos) and from the Peloponnesus, especially the poor villages of the provinces of Arcadia and Laconia, settled in Montréal as early as 1843. However, in 1871 only 39 persons of Greek origin were known to be living in Canada. Greek immigration, sporadic prior to 1900, increased considerably in the early 20th century as a result of poverty, wars, and political upheavals at home.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 271,410 Canadians of Greek origin in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Greek Canadians

Alex Anthopoulos, Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers, former Blue Jays General Manager
Alex Carter, actor
Alex Karzis, actor, singer, and musician
Alexandre Despatie, diver, Olympic silver medalist (Greek grandmother)
Anastasios Venetsanopoulos, Vice President of Research and Innovation at Ryerson University
André Gerolymatos, Hellenic studies professor
Andreas Apostolopoulos, real estate
Andreas Mandelis, expert on photonics, member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, awarded the 2014 Killam Prize
Angelo Tsarouchas, comedian/actor, It's All Greek to Me comedy show
Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star columnist
Argiris Karras, actor
Ariana Chris, mezzo-soprano
Athanasios Asimakopulos, Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Economics, McGill University
Athena Karkanis, actress, The Border, Lost Girl, Low Winter Sun, The Lottery
Athena King, newscaster on Naked News
Billy Mavreas, cartoonist
Bret Hart, former pro wrestler, multiple World Champion in the WWF and WCW, of Greek ancestry; mother is half Greek
Chris Diamantopoulos, actor
Chris Giannou, war surgeon
Chris Kibermanis, Liberal candidate
Chris Kontos, former National Hockey League (NHL) player
Christine Cushing, celebrity chef
Christos Sirros, former Quebec Liberal MNA and provincial cabinet minister
Constantine George Mitges, former PC MP, first Greek elected federally
Costas Menegakis, Former Conservative Party of Canada MP for Richmond Hill
Cristine Prosperi, actress
Daniel Samonas, actor
Dave Nonis, former Canadian ice hockey defenceman, former general manager and executive of the National Hockey League's Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs
Dave Sapunjis, CFL all-star receiver, Calgary Stampeders
David Fronimadis, soccer player
David N. Stamos, philosophy professor
Diane Stratas, former Progressive Conservative MP for Scarborough Centre, 1979 to 1980
Dimitri Kitsikis, Professor Emeritus of History, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
Dimitri Soudas, Former Communications Director to the Prime Minister of Canada
Dini Dimakos, comedian/actor, Video on Trial, Love Court
Dominic Filiou, strongman
DVBBS, electronic duo, most famous for their joint international hit with Borgeous, Tsunami
Eleni Bakopanos, former Liberal MP for Saint-Denis
Eleonora Dimakos, model, actress, journalist, and makeup artist
Elias Koteas, actor, Crash
Emmanuella Lambropoulos, Liberal MP for Saint Laurent
Ernie Afaganis, retired CBC-TV Sports and Olympics anchor
Ernie Cholakis, player
Fotini Markopoulou-Kalamara, physicist
George Athans, water-skier
George Kottaras, Major League player
George Lagogianes, television personality, currently reporter and anchor for CP24 and host of Auto Shop
George Samis, former Ontario New Democratic Party MPP, first Greek elected to a Canadian legislature
George Sapounidis, musician, troubadour, statistician, and Sinophile; subject of documentary, Chairman George
George Stroumboulopoulos, host of CBC Newsworld's The Hour, former MuchMusic VJ
George Trakas, environmental sculptor
Gerry Sklavounos, Liberal Member of the Québec National Assembly
Hannah Georgas, singer-songwriter
Hercules Kyvelos, boxer
Ioanna Roumeliotis, CBC Newsworld reporter
Ioánnis Fokás Juan de Fuca, first Greek-Canadian (1592)
Jack Agrios, former director and executive member of the Edmonton Eskimos
Jim Karygiannis, Toronto City Councillor
John Cannis, former Liberal MP for Scarborough Centre, 1993 to 2011
John Colicos, actor
John Ioannou, actor
John Kapelos, actor
John Limniatis, soccer player
John Mylopoulos, computer scientist
Justice Andromache Karakatsanis, Supreme Court of Canada, 2011 to present
Justice David Stratas, Federal Court of Appeal, 2009 to present
Kenny Stamatopolous, soccer player, former Toronto FC and Kalamata
Kevin Pangos, playmaker, Gonzaga University alumni, currently plays in Europe
KO, musician
Leo Housakos, Conservative senator
Lou Schizas, equities analyst
Marie Avgeropoulos, actress, Tracers, Supernatural, Fringe
Marie Bountrogianni, former Liberal MPP for Hamilton Mountain
Mary Fragedakis, Toronto City Councillor for Ward 29, Toronto-Danforth
Maurine Karagianis, New Democratic Party of British Columbia MLA, former Esquimalt, municipal councillor, British Columbia
Mike Lazaridis, founder and co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), creator of BlackBerry
Natasha Negovanlis, actress and web host
Nia Vardalos, actress, screenwriter, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Nicholas Salamis, priest
Nick Bontis, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University 3M National Teaching Fellow
Nick Kypreos, former NHL player, Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers
Nick Papadakis, soccer player
Nicolas Macrozonaris, 100m sprinter
Niki Ashton, NDP Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Churchill, Manitoba
Nikki Ponte, singer
Nikolaos Oikonomides, Byzantine historian
Pan Bouyoucas, finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award, 2001
Pana Merchant, Liberal senator from Saskatchewan
Paul Soulikias, artist, painter
Peter Bexis, musician
Peter Biyiasas, chess grandmaster
Peter Fragiskatos, Liberal MP for London North Centre
Peter Loubardias, sportscaster
Peter Sarantopoulos, soccer player
Phil X (born Phil Xenidis), prolific session guitarist
Philippe Gigantès, former Liberal senator
Sam Kolias, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Boardwalk REIT
Sid Krofft, puppeteer
Sofia Shinas, singer, actress, The Crow
Sophia Aggelonitis, former Liberal MPP for Hamilton Mountain
Staff Barootes, former Conservative senator
Stathis Kappos, soccer player
Stephano Barberis
Steve Kouleas, sports anchor and reporter
Teresa Stratas (born 1938), soprano OC, retired Canadian operatic soprano known for her award-winning recording of Alban Berg's Lulu, born in Toronto, Ontario
Tess Fragoulis, writer and educator
Thalia Assuras, anchor and reporter
Theo Zagar, soccer player
Tony Asimakopoulos, documentary film director
Tony Clement, Member of Parliament for Muskoka and president of the Treasury Board
Tracy Spiridakos, actress, Being Human, Revolution
Trish Stratus (aka Patricia Anne Stratigias), former professional wrestler
Vickie Panos, player, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1944
Watts, music producer, born Austin Garrick


Iranians are a relatively new community in Canada. As late as the Second World War there were only about a dozen Iranians in the country. Immigration remained very low through the 1950s and 60s. After the 1979 Iranian revolution that overthrew the monarchy and brought the Islamic government to power, immigration figures rose significantly. In the 1980s and during most of the 1990s, several thousand Iranians came to Canada each year, and the trend has continued to date.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 210,405 Canadians of Iranian origin in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Iranian Canadians

Ali Ehsassi, Federal Liberal MP for Willowdale, lawyer
Ali Khademhosseini, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Amir Khadir, Québec solidaire MNA for Mercier, microbiologist
Behzad Kazzazy, art director
Fariborz Lachini, music composer
Fariborz Sahba, architect
Farid Haerinejad, former CBC producer, documentary maker, and current ِِEditor in Chief of Radio Zamaneh
Ghazal Omid, nonfiction political writer, nonfiction children's book writer, speaker, NGO executive
Ghermezian family, billionaire shopping mall developers
Hamid Reza Habibi, University of Calgary, cardiologist
Hassan Khosrowshahi, founder of Future Shop
Hossein Amanat, architect, urban designer
Jian Ghomeshi, member of Moxy Früvous, former host of Q on CBC Radio 1
Jian Ghomeshi, CBC broadcaster, writer, producer, and musician
Karim Hakimi, founder of Hakim Optical
Kaveh Farrokh, historian
Khashayar Farzam, powerlifter, medical student, former track and field athlete & co-founder of Prosmetica
Majid Jowhari, Federal Liberal MP for Richmond Hill, engineer
Marina Nemat, author
Maziar Bahari, journalist
Mehdi Sadaghdar, YouTube personality, electrical engineer
Mehran Poolad-Darvish, petroleum scientist at University of Calgary
Milad Jalaeian, singer of pop music
Navid Khonsari, video game, film, and graphic novel creator, writer, director, and producer
Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Miss Canada 2003, first runner-up of Miss World 2003, actress, singer-songwriter, human rights activist; wife of former Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay
Nikahang Kowsar, cartoonist
Nima Mazhari, painter, photographer, and husband of ex-Olympic biathlete Myriam Bédard, convicted and sentenced in June 2007 for stealing paintings from the late painter Ghitta Caiserman
Parviz Tanavoli, sculptor and painter
Payam Akhavan, pioneer in international criminal law and leading human rights advocate, McGill University
Peyman Vahabzadeh, author and university professor
Ramin Jahanbegloo, philosopher and university professor
Ramin Karimloo, West End performer, playing the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera and the sequel Love Never Dies
Ramona Amiri, Miss World Canada 2005, semifinalist of Miss World 2005
Reza Aliabadi, (rzlbd), architect, designer
Reza Baraheni, novelist, poet, critic, and political activist
Reza Moridi, Ontario Liberal MPP for Richmond Hill, physicist, engineer
Reza Zadeh, computer scientist at Stanford University
Sahar Biniaz, second runner-up of Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, Miss Universe Canada 2012
Samantha Tajik, Miss Universe Canada 2008
Sanaz Mazinani, photographer and curator
Shahin Assayesh, publisher
Shahin Zartosht, model and fashion designer
Shahrzad Mojab, Professor of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at the University of Toronto
Shahrzad Rafati, founder of BroadbandTV Corp
Siamak Hariri, architect
Taghi Aligholizadeh, film producer
Touka Neyestani, cartoonist
Zahra Kazemi, photojournalist


The first known immigrant from Japan, Manzo Nagano, arrived in British Columbia in 1877. By 1914, 10,000 people of Japanese ancestry had settled permanently in Canada. Japanese people arrived in Canada in two major waves. The first generation of immigrants, called Issei, arrived between 1877 and 1928, and the second after 1967.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 121,485 Canadians of Japanese ancestry in Canada. They are mainly Canadian-born citizens.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Japanese Canadians

Aki Shimazaki, novelist
Andrew Kishino, voiceover artist, rapper
Art Miki, National Association of Japanese Canadians leader, Member of the Order of Canada
Arthur S. Hara, business leader, Officer of the Order of Canada
Arthur Tsuneo Wakabayashi, public servant, Member of the Order of Canada
Audrey Kobayashi, professor and redress activist
Bev Oda, first Japanese-Canadian MP and cabinet minister in Canadian history
Brian McKeever, Paralympic cross-country skier and biathlete
Brooke Berry, model
Bruce Kuwabara, architect, Officer of the Order of Canada
Catalina Yue, actress, singer-songwriter, and recording artist
Catherine Manoukian, violinist
Christine Yoshikawa, classical pianist and recording artist
David Akutagawa, martial artist
David Suzuki, biologist, environmentalist, host of CBC's The Nature of Things, Companion of the Order of Canada
David Tsubouchi, former Ontario MPP and cabinet minister
Denis Akiyama, actor
Devin Setoguchi, NHL first liner
Emily Nishikawa, Olympic cross-country skier
Genzo Kitagawa, community leader, Member of the Order of Canada
George Nozuka, musician
Glenn Michibata, tennis player
Henry H. Wakabayashi, engineer, Member of the Order of Canada
Henry J. Shimizu, one of the first Japanese Canadians to practise medicine in Canada, teacher and researcher at University of Alberta, Member of the Order of Canada
Herb Wakabayashi, ice hockey player
Hide Hyodo Shimizu, educator and community organiser, Member of the Order of Canada
Hiro Kanagawa, actor
Hiromi Goto, author
Irene Ayako Uchida, scientist, Officer of the Order of Canada
Issey Nakajima-Farran, Canadian national soccer team player
Jamie Storr, ice hockey player
Jeff Chiba Stearns, animated filmmaker
Jon Kimura Parker, classical pianist and recording artist, Officer of the Order of Canada
Jon Matsumoto, ice hockey player
Joy Kogawa, novelist and poet, Member of the Order of Canada
Juhn Atsushi Wada, neuroscientist, professor at University of British Columbia, Officer of the Order of Canada
Justin Nozuka, singer
Katie Tsuyuki, Olympic snowboarder
Kazuo Nakamura, painter
Keegan Messing, figure skater
Ken Adachi, author
Kenzo Mori, editor of New Canadian
Keri Latimer, musician
Kerri Sakamoto, novelist
Kim Moritsugu, writer
Kimiko Zakreski, Olympic snowboarder
Kristy Odamura, softball player
Lisa Yamanaka, voice actress for Wanda Li in The Magic School Bus and Yoko in Timothy Goes To School
Mamoru Watanabe, physician, Officer of the Order of Canada
Maria Ozawa, pornographic actress (Japanese father, Quebecois mother)
Mariko Tamaki, writer
Martin Kariya, ice hockey player
Mary Ito, journalist
Masajiro Miyazaki, osteopath/coroner and community activist, Companion of the Order of Canada
Masami Tsuruoka, martial artist, founder of karate in Canada
Mel Wakabayashi, ice hockey player
Michelle Sagara West, author
Midi Onodera, filmmaker
Mio Adilman, radio and television personality, actor
Miyuki Tanobe, artist
Musicians and performing artists
Mutsumi Takahashi, news anchor
Naomi Yamamoto, politician
Nathan Hirayama, rugby union player
Nina Matsumoto, comics artist
Nobu Adilman, television personality, actor
Nobu McCarthy, actress
Noriko Kariya, boxer
Paris Nakajima-Farran, soccer player
Paul Kariya, NHL star player
Politicians and government officials
Raymond Moriyama, architect, Companion of the Order of Canada
Raymond Sawada, ice hockey player
Rick Shiomi, playwright
Robert Ito, actor
Robert Yasuharu Kadoguchi, community leader, Member of the Order of Canada
Robin McKeever, Olympic cross-country skier
Roger S. Obata, community leader, Member of the Order of Canada
Ron Korb, musician, composer
Roy Kiyooka, artist, Officer of the Order of Canada
Roy Miki, professor emeritus, Simon Fraser University and poet, Member of the Order of Canada
Ruth Ozeki, novelist, filmmaker
S. I. Hayakawa, Canadian-American linguist, academic, and U.S. Senator
Santa J. Ono, immunologist, President & Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia, first Japanese-Canadian president of a major research university
Sarah Kawahara, figure skater and Emmy Award-winning choreographer
Seisho Kina Kuwabara, Japanese language and flower arrangement teacher, Member of the Order of Canada
Severn Cullis-Suzuki, environmentalist, activist, daughter of David Suzuki
Shigetaka Sasaki, judoka, member of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
Steve Kariya, ice hockey player
Takaichi Umezuki, newspaper publisher, Member of the Order of Canada
Takao Tanabe, artist, Member of the Order of Canada
Terry Watada, novelist, poet, playwright, historian
Tetsuro Shigematsu, radio host
Thomas Kunito Shoyama, economist, Officer of the Order of Canada
Tim Tamashiro, jazz singer, radio broadcaster and speaker
Toyoshi Yoshihara, entrepreneur, Member of the Order of Canada
Tsutae Sato, educator, Member of the Order of Canada
Vicky Sunohara, Olympic gold medalist in women's ice hockey
Warren P. Sonoda, filmmaker
Yoshio Senda, judoka, former Canadian Olympic judo team coach, first in North America to attain level 9 black belt, Member of the Order of Canada
Yuki Tsubota, Olympic freestyle skier
Yukiko Kimura, former newscaster
Yutetsu Kawamura, community leader, Member of the Order of Canada


The first recorded Polish immigrant, Dominik Barcz, arrived in Canada in 1752 when it was still a French colony. He was a fur merchant from Gdańsk who settled in Montreal. He was followed in 1757 by Charles Blaskowicz, a deputy surveyor-general of lands. In 1776, army surgeon August Franz Globensky arrived.

Among the earliest Polish immigrants to Canada were members of the military regiments from Saxony and Switzerland sent overseas to help the British Army in North America. Later they were joined by émigrés from Poland who participated in the November Uprising of 1830 against the Russian occupation of their own homeland.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 1,106,585 people of Polish descent in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Polish Canadians

Adam Skorek, professor of electrical and computer engineering
Adam Smoluk, director, screenwriter, and actor
Aleksandra Wozniak, professional tennis player
Alex Debogorski, veteran ice road trucker on the television series Ice Road Truckers
Alexandra Szacka, CBC/Radio-Canada correspondent
Alexandre-Édouard Kierzkowski, former Liberal MP St. Hyacinthe (1867-1870), first MP of Polish Descent
Andrew Charles Mynarski VC, Second World War airman
Andrew Kania, former Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton West (2008-2011)
Andrzej Busza, poet
Andrzej Rozbicki, conductor
Anna Cyzon, singer-songwriter
Anne Mroczkowski, journalist, news anchor
Antoni Porowski, chef, actor, food and wine expert in the Netflix revival of Queer Eye
Ashley Arden Lajczak, first Polish female ballroom dancer in Edmonton (2008-2013)
Basia Bulat, singer-songwriter
Ben Kowalewicz, lead singer for Billy Talent
Ben Pakulski, professional bodybuilder
Bogdan Czaykowski, poet, translator, essayist
Bogumil Pacak-Gamalski, poet, essayist, editor-in-chief of Strumien art annual
Bonnie Crombie, former Liberal MP, Mississauga-Streetsville (2008-2011), Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario (2014-present)
Captain G.Q., singer-songwriter
Casimir Gzowski, Acting Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (1896-1897)
Casimir Gzowski, engineer who worked on Welland Canal, New York & Erie Railway (first Commissioner of the Niagara Parks Commission)
Chava Rosenfarb, novelist, poet in Yiddish, wife of Henry Morgentaler
Chris Korwin-Kuczynski, former Toronto city councillor (1981-2003)
Chris Pozniak, soccer player who currently plays for San Jose Earthquakes
Conrad Swan, descended from Polish noble family, Swiecicki, first Canadian appointed to the College of Arms in London
Dan Bryk, singer-songwriter
Daniel Wnukowski, pianist
Dave Stala, Hamilton Tiger-Cats player (CFL)
Devon Sawa, actor
Don Mazankowski, former Deputy Prime Minister for Brian Mulroney (1986-1993), former federal government Minister (1979-1980; 1984-1993), Progressive Conservative MP Vegreville (1968-1993)
Ed Ziemba, former Ontario NDP MPP, High Park-Swansea (1975-1981), brother-in-law of Elaine Ziemba
Elaine Ziemba, former Ontario NDP MPP, High Park-Swansea (1990-1995), sister-in-law of Ed Ziemba
Eric Rene Lajczak, bodybuilder (Mr. Northern Alberta, June 2015 )
Estanislao (Stan) Oziewicz, journalist, The Globe and Mail
Eva Stachniak, writer
Fred Rose, former Labor-Progressive (Communist) MP Cartier (1943-1947); only MP ever convicted of spying for a foreign country, his capture as a Soviet spy helped to start the Cold War
Gabriela Dabrowski, professional tennis player
Gary Filmon, former Premier of Manitoba (1988-1999), Manitoba PC MLA, River Heights (1979-1981), and Tuxedo (1981-2000)
Gary Malkowski, former Ontario NDP MPP, York East (1990-1995), Canada's first deaf parliamentarian
Geddy Lee, bassist, keyboardist, and lead vocalist for Rush
George Radwanski, editor-in-chief of the Toronto Star
Henry Czerny, actor
Isaac Hellmuth, from Warsaw via England, one of the founders of the University of Western Ontario
Jacob Kuba Rybicki, music producer, born in Toronto
Jacqueline Milczarek, journalist, news anchor
Jamie Oleksiak, NHL player for the Dallas Stars
Jan Dukszta, former Ontario NDP MPP, Parkdale (1971-1981)
Jan Lisiecki, pianist-virtuoso, born in Calgary
Janina Fialkowska, pianist, born in Montreal
Janusz Żurakowski, Battle of Britain fighter pilot
Jesse Flis, former Liberal MP Parkdale-High Park (1979-1984; 1988-1997)
Jim Peplinski, Calgary Flames, NHL
Joe Krol, Toronto Argonauts player
John Tavares, ice hockey player for the New York Islanders
John Vernon, actor
John Yakabuski, Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke (2003-present), son of Paul Yakabuski
Karol Józef Krótki, FRSC, demography professor, statistician
Ken Kowalski, former Deputy Premier of Alberta (1992-1994), former Alberta Government Minister, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (1997-2012), Alberta PC MLA (1979-2012)
Kinga Mitrowska, singer
Kornel Wolak, clarinet virtuoso
Krzysztof Soszynski, mixed martial artist
Lara Jean Chorostecki, actress
Larry Trader, ice hockey player for Detroit, St. Louis, Montreal (1982-1988)
Leon David Crestohl, former Liberal MP, Cartier (1950-1963)
Leon Katz, FRSC (1909-2004), Officer of the Order of Canada, professor at University of Saskatchewan, physicist
Lisa Ray, actress
Lucas Skoczkowski, founder and CEO of Redknee
Magda Apanowicz, actress
Marek Jablonski, pianist-virtuoso, born in Cracow
Margaret Maye, singer and actress
Mark Starowicz, head of CBC Television Documentary Programming unit, journalist, and TV producer
Michael Klukowski, soccer player for Club Brugge
Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann, FRSC, mathematics professor
Olenka Krakus, singer-songwriter
Paloma Kwiatkowski, actress
Paul Yakabuski, former Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP (1963-1987), father of John Yakabuski
Penny Oleksiak, Canadian National Team swimmer
Peter Czerwinski, competitive eater and bodybuilder
Peter Gzowski, broadcaster, writer, and reporter
Peter Milczyn, former Member of Toronto City Council (2000-2014), current Liberal MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore (2014-present)
Shane Churla, player, NHL
Stan Kazmierczak Keyes, former national chair of Liberal Party of Canada (2002-2004), Liberal MP Hamilton West (1988-2004), Minister of National Revenue, Minister of State (Sport), Minister Responsible for the Canada Post Corporation and Minister Responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint (2003-2004)
Stan Mikawos, Winnipeg Blue Bombers player (CFL)
Stanley Haidasz, former Liberal MP for Trinity (1957-1958) and Parkdale (1962-1978), Minister of State for Multiculturalism (1972-1974), senator (1978-1998)
Stefan Sznuk, major general
Steve Jocz, drummer for Sum 41
Ted Opitz, former Conservative MP for Etobicoke Centre (2011-2015)
Thomas Lukaszuk, former Deputy Premier of Alberta (2012-2013), former Alberta Government Minister (2010-2014), and PC MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs (2001-2015)
Tom Kmiec, Conservative MP, Calgary Shepard (2015-present)
Tomasz Kucharzewski, martial artist
Tomasz Radzinski, soccer player
Trish Stratus, WWE Diva
Turk Broda, ice hockey goalie
Wacław Iwaniuk, poet in Polish, literary critic, and essayist
Walter "Killer" Kowalski, professional wrestler
Walter Buczynski, composer
Walter J. Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces
Wanda Kaluzny, conductor
Wayne Gretzky, hockey legend
Witold Rybczynski, architect, professor, and writer
Wladyslaw Lizon, former Conservative MP for Mississauga East-Cooksville (2011-2015), former president of the Canadian Polish Congress (2005-2010)
Wojtek Wolski, NHL player
Zygmunt Misiak, WW2 baby Polish refugee, author, First Nations history/culture


Portuguese explorers were among the first Europeans to see Canadian soil. It is believed that Diogo de Teive (1452), João Vaz Corte-Real (1470), Joao Fernandes, and Pedro de Barcelos (1493) touched on the eastern coast of Canada, and conclusive evidence exists about explorations by Miguel and Gaspar Corte-Real, who were lost in Newfoundland waters in 1501 and 1502, respectively. That the Portuguese subsequently fished for cod on the Grand Banks is attested to by numerous place names. Labrador, likely from the Portuguese lavrador ("small landowner or farmer”), indicates that the Portuguese knew of this territory. The Portuguese in New France were descended from a few families founded by immigrants of 1668 and later.

According to the 2016 Census, there are 482,605 Canadians of Portuguese ancestry in Canada.

(Canadian Encyclopedia)

Famous Portuguese Canadians

Adam Henrique, professional ice hockey player for the New Jersey Devils, part Portuguese
Alex Silva, professional wrestler
Alexandra Mendès, Liberal Member of Parliament for the Quebec electoral districts of Brossard-La Prairie (2008-2011) and Brossard-Saint-Lambert (2015-present)
Ana Bailão, Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 18) Davenport
Anthony de Sá, novelist and short story writer
Anthony Gomes, blues and blues-rock guitarist and singer
António Carvalho, featherweight MMA fighter
Brian Melo, musician, winner of Canadian Idol, season five
Carlos Leitão, economist and politician, current Finance Minister of Quebec
Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance for Ontario and the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Mississauga-South
Daniel Fernandes, Portuguese-Canadian footballer who participated in the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Danny Fernandes, pop/R&B singer and dancer; younger brother of Shawn Desman
Drew Doughty, professional ice hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings, part Portuguese
Dylan DeMelo, professional ice hockey player for the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League (NHL)
Emanuel Viveiros, former professional ice hockey player for the Minnesota North Stars
Erika de Vasconcelos, novelist
Evan Rodrigues, professional ice hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres of the National Hockey League (NHL)
John Tavares, professional ice hockey player drafted first overall in the 2009 NHL entry draft by the New York Islanders, has been interviewed by media from Portugal and speaks the language fluently (half Portuguese, half Polish)
John Tavares, professional lacrosse player for the Buffalo Bandits, uncle of John Tavares (ice hockey)
Justin Azevedo, professional ice hockey player in the Los Angeles Kings hockey organization
Keith Martin (PC, MP, BSc, MD), physician and former (1993-2011) Liberal Member of Parliament for the Victoria-area electoral district of Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca
Keshia Chanté, singer, songwriter, and actress
Louis Ferreira, actor (sometimes credited as Justin Lewis) who has appeared on nine TV series to date
Lucas Silveira, singer/guitarist of rock band The Cliks
Mario Silva, former (2004-2011) Liberal Member of Parliament for the Davenport region in Toronto and former Toronto City Councilor
Meaghan Benfeito, Canadian national team diver
Mike Benevides, head coach of the BC Lions
Mike Ribeiro, professional ice hockey player for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League (NHL)
Nelly Furtado, singer, songwriter, and actress
Paul Ferreira, New Democratic Party Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for York-South Weston from February 2007 to October 2007
Pedro da Silva, first post courier in New France
Peter Fonseca, Minister of Labour of Ontario and member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament (2003)
Peter Serrado, singer-songwriter, finalist at the 2018 Festival da Canção in Portugal
Ramona Milano, actor, known for her roles as Francesca Vecchio on Due South and Audra Torres on Degrassi: The Next Generation; her mother is from Faial, Azores
Shawn Desman, pop singer and dancer
Shawn Mendes, singer-songwriter
Steve Martins, former professional ice hockey player for the Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, St. Louis Blues, and Ottawa Senators


There have been two waves of Vietnamese immigration to Canada. The first wave consisted mostly of middle class people who fled to Canada after the fall of Saigon in 1975. The second wave of immigration consisted of refugees from the former South Vietnam, seeking to escape the oppressive regime established after the reunification of the two Vietnams into a single country. These refugees were widely referred to in the mass media as “boat people.”

According to the 2011 census, there are 220,425 people of Vietnamese descent in Canada.

Famous Vietnamese Canadians

Andrew Phung, actor
Anne Minh-Thu Quach, federal Member of Parliament for Beauharnois—Salaberry (NDP)
Carol Huynh, freestyle wrestler, Olympic gold medallist
Caroline Vu, writer and doctor
Charles Chi, entrepreneur, chancellor of Carleton University
Christy Chung, Hong Kong based actress
Chuckie Akenz (aka Phong Nguyen), songwriter and rapper
Dang Thai Son, pianist
David Huynh, Los Angeles based actor
Ève-Mary Thaï Thi Lac, former federal Member of Parliament for Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot and member of the Bloc Québécois
Hieu Truong, Director of Advanced Engineering and Research at the Royal Canadian Mint, Officer of the Order of Canada
Hoang Mai, federal Member of Parliament for Brossard—La Prairie (NDP)
Hung Pham, Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary Montrose (1993–2008)
Kim Nguyen, film director and screenwriter
Kim Thúy, writer, food critic, and lawyer
Mayko Nguyen, actress
Minh Le, software engineer, created the popular first-person shooter game, Counter Strike
Nam Nguyen, figure skater
Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, writer, essayist, and host of Paris by Night
Paul Nguyen, activist, journalist, and documentarian
Phan Thị Kim Phúc, humanitarian, UNESCO ambassador, Vietnam War survivor
Siu Ta, actress (This Is Wonderland)
Thanh Hai Ngo, first Canadian senator (Conservative) of Vietnamese descent
Thi Be Nguyen, philanthropist and documentarian
Thien LE, fashion designer and founder of the Thien Le Tommy Ton, photographer
Trần Triệu Quân, engineer, businessman, and president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation
Wayne Cao, Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary Fort (1997–2011)

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