Interesting Facts

  • Flutes made of bones that date back 7,000 to 9,000 years were found in the Jiahu site of Central Henan province of China.
  • A new category of musical instruments, electrophones or electronic instruments, was created in the twentieth century.
  • Musical sounds are organized into patterns that have pitch and rhythm.
  • The number of times the musical instrument vibrates per second resulting in a sound wave determines a particular musical note.
  • Seikilos, who wrote an epitaph for his wife in the first century AD in Greek, was the first musician with a documented composition.
  • “Gravity Roll” or a “Gravity Blast” is a way to do a drum roll with just one stick.
  • A piano has 7,500 working parts. If even one of those parts is not fully functional, the piano could go out of tune.

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