I love your work and really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us. By the way I really like the intro at the beginning with “O Canada” — CBC couldn’t have done a better job! Thanks again. We’re so impressed with your work!

Nelson Stewart, the leader of The American Rogues Celtic band ,

Thanks Irina, have a great new year. Looks great, you guys are amazing. When do you think we can put this on our site?

Louis Socci , Italian Sounds of Canada

Hi Irina,
Many thanks for sharing the documentary (Arabic Sounds of Canada) with me, this is a great job I really loved it.

All the best,



This is so beautiful. You've done such a wonderful job with this project (Indian Sounds of Canada) I can't thank you enough for capturing me & my company & my culture so beautifully.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Please let me know where/when it will be aired.