Top 5 classic Portuguese songs

  1. Uma Casa Portuguesa by Amalia. The song conveys an atmosphere of modesty, warmth, and love felt within a Portuguese home.
  2. Ai Se Ele Cai by Xutos e Pontapés. The band is so popular among the Portuguese-speaking people, that people started calling it the Portuguese Rolling Stones.
  3. Ó Gente da Minha Terra by Mariza. The song is about the feelings and emotions behind fado, the music that connects Portuguese people with each other.
  4. Pimba, Pimba by Emanuel. This song is a mix of modern pop and folk music. It reminds us how important it is to treat women right.
  5. Os Búzios by Ana Moura. This lyrical poem is sung by a world-famous fadista, whose voice is often compared to Mick Jagger’s.

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