The Sounds of Canada television documentary will be presented in a “behind-the scenes” style: artists will talk about themselves, their music, families and their Canadian experience.

Participants from the Sounds of Canada on-line series represent musicians and singers from Canada’s vast ethnic fabric performing all genres of music, from classical to contemporary pop and rap. Our cameras will follow them as they share their stories of their homeland, what initially brought them to Canada and why they ultimately decided to make Canada their new home.

For the most part, Canadian society celebrates diversity. Our artists will share what it means to them to live in a time and place that allows them to continue to practice their traditional ethnic ways, and raise their children in a country that celebrates these cultural traditions along with them.


  • Season2. Backstage Pass.

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  • Rolling Stronz

    If you want to fool around and get paid for it, you must have a big talent and an even bigger sense of humour. That’s exactly what the Rolling Stronz possess in addition…

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  • Indian Sounds of Canada. Backstage.

    Dance With SL is a South Asian dance and choreography collective, founded by Shereen Ladha, that trains and showcases the top Bollywood performers in Canada. Dance With SL is the creative force behind several viral YouTube videos and…

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  • Night Prayers

    At the concert in Toronto, duet of classical musicians, clarinetist Julian Milkis and accordionist Alexander Sevastian, performed "Night Prayers" by Gia Kancheli, an outstanding composer from Georgia. His music is very unusual: it…

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  • Vodogray

    One of the first films that we shot was a piece about the singer Miroslava Solovyanenko, who moved to Canada from Ukraine. According to the script, her song "Vodogray" (which in Ukrainian means…

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