About the Project

Canada is one of the most multi-ethnic countries in the world. According to Statistics Canada’s Report on Immigration and Ethno-Cultural Diversity in Canada more than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS).

That’s why multiculturalism underpins the official ideology of Canada. Its objective is to preserve and advance the cultural diversity of the society while accommodating people of different ancestries and traditions, historic and religious backgrounds, and various psychological types. The policy of multiculturalism helps immigrants preserve their cultural heritage, while at the same time embracing what it is to be Canadian.

Multi-ethnicity is a reality in Canadian’s everyday life. We know that our neighbors are Filipinos, the apartment above us is occupied by a German family, and the owner of a bakery at the corner is an Italian. On Sundays, we like to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant, my daughter's friends are nice Hindu folks, and we all enjoy celebrating the Chinese New Year.

And yet we know very little about the people with whom we live side by side in one country.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to learn about and understand different cultures, to value and respect people of those cultures is the music, whose universal language does not require any translation. Therefore, this year, when Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, we decided to launch a special project – Sounds of Canada.

The digital series Sounds of Canada serves precisely this purpose. It’s a unique project, where individuals and bands representing almost all ethnic and national groups in Canada will be, for the first time, given an opportunity to perform their favorite music. Those performances and concerts will present all genres of music, from classical to rock and rap.

The special feature of this series will be the opportunity given to a variety of artists living in Canada, from well-known performers to young and talented beginners, to showcase their talents worldwide. Who knows, participation in Sounds of Canada might make them the talk of the country.

The first season will feature musicians from the following ethnic communities: Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Filipino, Arabic, Hungarian, Cuban, Irish, Indian, and Italian.