“I was lucky enough to wear two hats while working on the project: the producer and the

editor. It gave me a huge advantage, namely an opportunity to see the project from the

outside and inside at the same time. It was a tremendously pleasant experience, I’ve

learned a lot about the culture of different nations, listened to hundreds of new songs, and

met dozens of amazingly talented people. Today, when the first season of Sounds of

Canada is wrapping up, my main dream is to continue working on the project in the


Maxim wrote and published more than 10 books on the history of Russian underground

and émigré music and culture.
Regular guest lecture in Wien University, Oxford («Art in action» festival) and

participant in academic conferences: Cardiff University (UK), Tallinn University (EU)


PhD in Economics (2000).

Created 100+ scripts for documentary movies, hosted a TV-show for 9 years in Russia

and now hosts a TV-show "I have something to tell you..." devoted to Russian culture on

RTVI (Canada).

Own one of the world largest collection of Russian underground, émigré and gypsy music

and books.

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