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Quiz «Classical Music”

Classical Music If you can answer all these questions without someone else’s help or Googling, then you are definitely a classical music expert!Let’s see what your score is!  Start Quiz Question Your answer: Correct answer: Next You got {{SCORE_CORRECT}} out of {{SCORE_TOTAL}} Your Answers
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Music Genres Quiz

Welcome to  Music Genres Quiz! What do you know about these peoples and their music? With the following quiz you can test your musical knowledge. What is the chosen instrument of the Japanese goddess of music? HichirikiBiwaHyoshigiSanshinFueWhat is the synonym of Pan-pipes? SalpinxCrotalaKitharaSyrinxLyreMedieval Europe knew such things as female troubadours called trobairises, and many of…
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Language Quiz

Welcome to Language quiz Which one of these languages is NOT originally from the Philippines?CebuanoIlocanoCantonesePangasinanTagalogWhich of the following languages is close to Hungarian?CzechMansiGermanYakutRomanianWhich of the following languages originated in Cuba?MayanAymaraLucumíCreoleSpanishItalian is an official language of all of the following jurisdictions, except one. Which one?San MarinoEuropean UnionSwitzerlandAlbaniaItalyArabic belongs to the Semitic group of languages, one of…
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