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Music Genres Quiz

Welcome to  Music Genres Quiz! What do you know about these peoples and their music? With the following quiz you can test your musical knowledge. What is the synonym of Pan-pipes? Lyre Syrinx Crotala Kithara SalpinxWhich movies feature famous Inuit throat singing? The Snow Walker (2003) Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2001) All of the above.…
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Language Quiz

Welcome to Language quiz Which one of these nations is NOT considered Celtic? The Cornish The Scottish The Irish The Welsh The EnglishWhich one is an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainians? Hutsuls Mazowszanie Latgalians Pomors PoleshuksWhich of the following languages is close to Hungarian? Mansi Romanian Yakut German CzechItalian is an official language of all of…
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