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Founders of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra

Fueled by their passion towards Arabic and Western classical music, Lamees Audeh and Wafa Al Zaghal have been building bridges between these two rich worlds; inviting and engaging Canadian Arab and non-Arab musicians who enjoy performing and exposing this beautiful music to the Canadian public in a new modern style. Lamees Audeh is a Canadian-Palestinian-Jordanian…
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First musical event in Toronto

The first extant reference to a musical event in Toronto is an itemized account including '7 Dollars Paid musick by Order' for a ball and supper, 4 Jun 1798, to celebrate the king's birthday (from Canadian Encyclopedia).
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The small Yukon hamlet of Snag recorded a temperature -62.8° C on February 3, 1947. It was so damn cold, in fact, the joke was that the meteorologists couldn’t toast the new record because their wine was frozen. The frigid air was so still that exhaled breath made a hissing noise and dogs could be…
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