Victims of Toronto van attack identified

On behalf of the management and staff of Ethnic Channels Group, Sounds of Canada team would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Omar Najjar, a vocalist and a director of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra, on the untimely loss of his father Munir Abed Alnajjar, as well as to the family and friends of those…
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Jaana Band – “Morghe Lahooti”

Jaana band led by Mahsa Golmakani started its activities in Toronto last spring. The main core of this band is composed of a group of talented female musicians based in Toronto, who made their official debut recently with a music-video entitled Morgh-e-Lahooti, featuring a poem by Rumi and shown on Radio Javan. The Composition of this song, as well as some of the other pieces to be performed during the festival, was completed by Mr. Hamid Behroozinia, one of the most successful young Iranian musicians.

Second season of the Sounds of Canada series.

We’d like to congratulate every one of us on the launch of the second season of the Sounds of Canada series. In the second season, we will adhere to the same principles that guided us in the first season: different musical genres and a wide range of performers—from well-known artists to beginners just taking their…
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Magdalena Tomsinska

If you are one who revels in medieval music, then you definitely must attend Magdalena Tomsinska's performances. Magdalena is a talented musician, as well as a music teacher and researcher-musicologist. She is originally from Poland,a country of rich musical traditions, where she learned classical guitar at the Nowowiejski Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz and lute…
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Alexander Sevastian. IN MEMORIAM.

On Friday, February 19, we all, and the music world in particular, suffered a terrible loss with the sudden death of Alexander Sevastian, a virtuoso accordionist, who was sometimes called Paganini of accordion. This is devastating news to everybody who new him, who loved his music, and who had an honour to work with him.…
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Music Genres Quiz

Welcome to  Music Genres Quiz! What do you know about these peoples and their music? With the following quiz you can test your musical knowledge. What is the chosen instrument of the Japanese goddess of music? Biwa Sanshin Hichiriki Fue HyoshigiWhich one of these composers wrote many of his famous works while almost completely deaf?…
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Okavango African Orchestra

What is Okavango African Orchestra? Is it Eritrean? Zimbabwean? Senegalese? Burundian? Ghanaian? Or is it Madagascan? Actually, the orchestra is Eritrean, Zimbabwean, Senegalese, Burundian, Ghanaian, AND Madagascan. It is what its name says: African. A unique band of talented musicians from all parts of Africa, as diverse as Africa’s cultural mosaic itself, it’s a one-of-a-kind,…
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