One of the first films that we shot was a piece about the singer Miroslava Solovyanenko, who moved to Canada from Ukraine. According to the script, her song "Vodogray" (which in Ukrainian means "Waterfall"), was shot on the banks of Niagara, using the falls as a backdrop.

Miroslava is a young, gorgeous actress and naturally attracts attention whenever and wherever she goes, but that day she excelled herself. The singer was dressed in a very beautiful national Ukrainian costume, known to everyone today as "vyshyvanka".

Throngs of people came that day to admire Niagara, but when they saw a stunning young girl walking along the promenade in an unusual bright outfit and singing in an unfamiliar language, with a charming voice, the tourists at once forgot about the beauty of the waterfall and instantly turned their cameras to our heroine.

Flashes of dozens, if not hundreds of cameras, the noise, and enthusiastic cheers of the crowd severely hampered the job of operators and sound engineers, but Miroslava and all our team handled everything brilliantly, and the song is now one of the best parts of the Ukrainian Sounds of Canada.

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