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Night Prayers

At the concert in Toronto, duet of classical musicians, clarinetist Julian Milkis and accordionist Alexander Sevastian, performed "Night Prayers" by Gia Kancheli, an outstanding composer from Georgia. His music is very unusual: it is both simple and complex. It captures your imagination and touches your heart at the same time. During the filming, our operators…
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One of the first films that we shot was a piece about the singer Miroslava Solovyanenko, who moved to Canada from Ukraine. According to the script, her song "Vodogray" (which in Ukrainian means "Waterfall"), was shot on the banks of Niagara, using the falls as a backdrop. Miroslava is a young, gorgeous actress and naturally…
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Unique instrument “Qanun”

The last piece of a puzzle called "Arabic Sounds of Canada" was filming at ECG Studio. Here you can see a unique instrument "Qanun" meaning "rule, law. Qanun is one of the main instruments in Arabic Orchestras.
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Sounds of Canada

Canada is one of the most multi-ethnic countries in the world. According to Statistics Canada Report on Immigration and Ethno-Cultural Diversity in Canada more than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). That’s why multiculturalism became a foundation of the official ideology of Canada. Its objective is to preserve and…
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Changui Havana

Last week we filmed a rehearsal of amazing Cuban band "Changui Havana". This Saturday guys will perform at our studio. Looking forward to it...
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ECG Productions is launching an amazing project

ECG Productions is launching an amazing project committed to promote tales from ethnic communities across Canada. If you are a musician or a band and you can represent one of ethnic communities of Canada, please, follow us and contact our "Sounds of Canada" team to become a part of this project. (more…)
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