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Okavango African Orchestra

What is Okavango African Orchestra? Is it Eritrean? Zimbabwean? Senegalese? Burundian? Ghanaian? Or is it Madagascan? Actually, the orchestra is Eritrean, Zimbabwean, Senegalese, Burundian, Ghanaian, AND Madagascan. It is what its name says: African. A unique band of talented musicians from all parts of Africa, as diverse as Africa’s cultural mosaic itself, it’s a one-of-a-kind,…
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Rolling Stronz

If you want to fool around and get paid for it, you must have a big talent and an even bigger sense of humour. That’s exactly what the Rolling Stronz possess in addition to a positive attitude and friendly demeanor. Funny as hell, they will make a devil laugh with their antics, banter, and comical…
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Portuguese Sounds of Canada

A famous singer, Tony Gouveia is considered something of an ambassador for fado, a Portuguese music and dance genre. Well known in the North American Portuguese community for more than  20 years of performance with the famed non-fado group Tabu, he is truly the voice of fado with his charming, touching vocals and moving emotional…
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Founders of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra

Fueled by their passion towards Arabic and Western classical music, Lamees Audeh and Wafa Al Zaghal have been building bridges between these two rich worlds; inviting and engaging Canadian Arab and non-Arab musicians who enjoy performing and exposing this beautiful music to the Canadian public in a new modern style. Lamees Audeh is a Canadian-Palestinian-Jordanian…
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First musical event in Toronto

The first extant reference to a musical event in Toronto is an itemized account including '7 Dollars Paid musick by Order' for a ball and supper, 4 Jun 1798, to celebrate the king's birthday (from Canadian Encyclopedia).
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Language Quiz

Welcome to Language quiz Which of the following languages is close to Hungarian? Mansi Yakut Czech German RomanianWhich one of these nations is NOT considered Celtic? The English The Cornish The Scottish The Irish The WelshRussian uses Cyrillic alphabet. Which of the following languages also uses this alphabet? Lithuanian Bulgarian Polish Hmong EstonianOver the centuries…
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