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Sounds of Quebec

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sounds of Quebec has won at this month’s Music Video Underground Festival in the Best Documentary category. Congratulations to the Sounds of Canada team! To watch the episode, click on the link below
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Cegléd Jug

Cegléd water jug is a 7-9 litre metal container for water, used as a musical instrument in Romani folk music of Hungary. This jug was first manufactured by a János Rónay in Cegléd in the 1910’s, and in the 1970’s it became a rhythm musical instrument among Romani. Károly Rostás ("Huttyán") was the first to…
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International Music Festival in Ukraine

Happy concert anniversary to Julian Milkis and Polina Osetinskaya, who performed at the International music festival in Odesa, Ukraine a year ago! The concert which featured Giya Kanceli’s famous works was a great success! The audience was left virtually speechless by their brilliant performance.
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Opera Collaboration

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nightingale Music Festival, and gorgeous Mira Solovianenko keep surprising their audience. This time they presented the product of an international artistic collaboration. Please click below to enjoy an amazing performance by the Nightingale Music Festival singers.
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Trembita, also known as alpine horn, is a wind folk music instrument, found mainly in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine. Its sound is strong and can be heard over 10 kilometers, so it often served as a means of communication for people and herdsmen in isolated mountain areas. Sometimes Trembita is included in modern symphony orchestras…
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Kobza is an ancient Ukrainian string instrument, which belongs to the lute family. Ukrainian musicians played on kobzas since the 11th century, although this music instrument became popular only in the 16th century, when kobza was used as an accompaniment to the recitation of dumas performed by kobzars.
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Bodhran is a drum, originated in south-west Ireland in the 18th century. It was popular among mummers, or wren boys, as it was made from farm implements. Due to its popularity in 1960s, the bodhran was adopted in Scotland and also in Cape Breton, mainland Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island.
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Dung Kar

A dung kar (dung-kar) is a Tibetan conch shell trumpet, which makes a warmer, deeper tone comparing to a gyaling. The dung kar is usually played during peaceful religious practices. It is also used to announce the arrival of important figures or to call monks to assemble for ritual.
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Tartan Day

Nelson Stewart, a leader of a famous Canadian-Celtic band American Rogues, shared a video of the band performing with a Scottish actor Kevin McKidd (Rome, Grey’s Anatomy, Dog Soldiers, etc.) at National Tartan Day in New York City in 2013. Tartan Day is a North American celebration of Scottish heritage, originated in Canada. It’s celebrated…
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The gyaling is a Tibetan reed musical instrument. The name of this instrument means “Indian trumpet” and it is very similar to an oboe. The gyaling is a ritual musical instrument, which is often used during peaceful offerings. It is the only instrument that is played using discrete pitches as opposed to slurred melodies.
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Shooting Korean Sounds of Canada

In early March, our crew shot the last two scenes for the Korean Sounds of Canada project. The first day, we went to the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada, where artists played Korean drums during the rehearsal. These instruments are very expensive and quite fragile, so Mi Young Kim, the head of the ensemble,…
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